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Interesting Ways To Kill Your Time During Airport Layovers!

An airplane journey with a stopover in between often turn out to be pocket friendly when you book your ticket….

By Richard , in Road Trip , at September 20, 2019

An airplane journey with a stopover in between often turn out to be pocket friendly when you book your ticket. Sometimes, it’s the only option that you may have even if you agree to pay more. But the layovers in between these connecting flights can be tiresome and super boring. It becomes really difficult to kill time during this period.

So, what does one do when they have a long waiting period between two flight? Most of the time, we stay engrossed in a magazine available in the stall for passing the time. Or sometimes, time simply zooms by as you watch the crowd. Or maybe, you stay hooked to your smartphone? But, did you know you can do so many interesting things while you are waiting for your connecting flight?!  

 Best ways to utilise the time of stopovers!

 There are some really great ways in which you can actually create awesome memories during your flight layover. Let’s read some of these below:

  • Go sight seeing — The destination where you have landed is a great place to explore while you get all that free time. You can easily utilise that time to wander around some nearby interesting tourist attractions. Worried about transportation (that is safe and reliable)? Every airport has a shuttle service that is efficient and safe. For example — If you are in Bristol, just contact Bristol Executive Travel for airport transfers in Bristol for exploring those beautiful sites around town. They are totally reliable and super fast in their service. Also, their cars are luxurious and come with trained chauffeur who guarantees a smooth ride to and from the airport. With the hours that you’ll be getting between the flights, you can easily visit two or three nearby tourist sites in these cars.
  • Utilise your lounge card — A lounge is the recent addition in almost all airports throughout the globe. It has all the comfort you need to relax during the waiting period. In addition to that, they also provide some scrumptious spread of food and drinks to you! You can access the same with the help of a MasterCard and enjoy those benefits for free. It would be the best way to kill the free time, and feel relaxed too at the same time! Works best when the wait time is not too long. 
  • Meditate or workout — Flights, especially long-haul ones, affect our circulatory system. Best way to fix that – exercise! Many international airports have zones for workout. You can also carry your foldable yoga mat with you in your handbags and practise yoga or simply meditate. It would ease off all the stress of the previous flight and would refresh you for the coming one. You can also play your Zumba music on your mobiles and do that or exercise to kill your time. (we are sure you would have missed your daily workout and jog because of the travel!)
  • Board games —You can also carry an interesting board game along with you to keep you entertained. You can have a game of chess or monopoly either on your own, or with a friendly co-traveller. You could actually make new friends this way!
  • Go window (or actual) shopping— You know how many tempting shops are there at the airport! And who doesn’t love some retail therapy? You can simply go window shopping at those places and gaze at some wonderful products, and if you feel enticed enough, simply buy them. There are also duty-free sellers at the airport where you don’t have to pay any tax when you shop. This can actually save you a lot (compared to shopping elsewhere).
  • Eat, sleep, and repeat— Most of the journeys with a connecting flight can be really lengthy and tiresome. There is also this jet lag which hovers over you all this time. And as the time span between the fights is more, the flight food just won’t be enough to keep you full for so long. This time is then a boon to you if you can eat your heart out at some food joint at the airport. After that you can simply nap at the comfortable lounge or a transit hotel and ease off the stress caused because of the flight. But don’t forget to keep an alarm to wake you up before the next flight!

Still want more options? You can also watch a good movie if you are connected to data on your mobile, or simply chat and make new friends at the airport. This would make your travel easier and little more joyous!