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The open road is romantic and endlessly charming. You’ll be able to travel through small towns amid rolling landscapes and…

By Chan , in Road Trip , at March 2, 2023

The open road is romantic and endlessly charming. You’ll be able to travel through small towns amid rolling landscapes and discover endless wonders of restaurants, accommodations, sights, and other attractions.

A honeymoon road trip offers unexpected highlights that will make your love engine roar.

Pack some snacks and load the trunk. Let your hair down, get on the road, and enjoy these five favorite road trips across the U.S.

State Route 1 California, USA

You won’t find anywhere else where you can experience the best of surf culture, craft beer, award-winning wine country, open fields, rolling fog through redwood forest, and mountaintop castles, all within a short distance between two large cities. California’s State Route 1 is a combination of all these and more that makes it one the most well-known road trips in the world.

This road, which is often steeply carved at the continental edge, includes the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), but it also runs through tranquil neighborhoods, vibrant cities, and Hollywood attractions.

You can start in San Diego and drive north. This keeps the sun behind you, the cliff at least one lane away, and will be very useful for a few hairpins turns. As you travel north, the visual intensity increases, and San Francisco – which is a perfect place to end your road trip – becomes a romantic destination.

Trip Tips – Spend a lot on a convertible. Although it may sound cliché, a top-down drive on the PCH is highly recommended. You should take some time to wander along the stunning coastline of Big Sur for 90 miles. Here dense forests meet a dramatic coastline. Don’t miss McWay Falls inside Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Glamping is a great way to experience luxury accommodations such as Ventana BIG Sur.

South Africa’s Garden Route

The southern Cape, a sunny stretch of coastline in South Africa, is often called the most beautiful part of the country. The lush Garden Route offers a variety of beautiful beaches, forests, lakes, and lagoons that are both a delight for the eyes and an adventure to be enjoyed. The short 8-hour duration can be easily spread over multiple days due to the seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches, forest hikes and lighthouse climbs, adventure activities, and sea cave explorations.

Enjoy long lunches at quaint seaside towns such as Mossel Bay, Knysna, and Plettenberg Bay. Keep your eyes open when you return to the road, as the warm Indian Ocean waters attract many dolphins and whales.

Trip Tips During South Africa’s late-summer season (February-March), you can take advantage of the warm weather and avoid the Christmas crowds that throng the Garden Route for a Safari excursion stop by Plettenberg Bay Game reserve, where you can often see the Big 5 (lions, leopards, rhinoceros, and elephant).

You can also go to Gansbaai and see the marine Big 5 (whales, sharks, seals, dolphins, penguins, seals, and other marine mammals) in their natural habitat. Paragliding and canyoning are all options if that isn’t enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

The Hana Highway Maui, Hawaii

The state’s lush beauty and laid-back culture have made Hawaii a top choice for honeymooners. This road trip on Maui’s north shore is not to be missed. It offers some of the most memorable adventures across all of Hawaii’s islands.

The Hana Highway runs alongside the Pacific Ocean and crosses high jungle cliffs. It is just as thrilling as the places it takes you to. The route leads to lush state parks, sacred waterfalls, hidden swimming holes, and food stands along the roadside.

Although its length of just over fifty miles might seem like an easy feat, 50 single-lane bridges, along with 600+ hairpin turns, will slow your pace. You will find many opportunities to take a break and enjoy the fresh views of Hawaii, including unpaved trails and tempting fruit trees.

Trip Tips – Try to get on the road before sunrise (or earlier if you can) in order to avoid rubberneckers and maintain a sense of isolation. Don’t forget that the journey is what matters. Instead, focus on making the most out of every moment on the way to Hana.

Make sure you stop for banana bread. A fresh loaf of banana bread from Aunty Sandy’s Keanae Landing Fruit Stand at the midway point will keep you going for the remainder of the day. Stay the night in Hana, then continue the next morning to Haleakala National Park.

Ring Road to Iceland

The Ring Road of Iceland, which runs around the entire island, is a reliable road with a variety of accommodations and stunning sights. You will be pleasantly distracted by the natural attractions such as geysers and glaciers and lagoons, and volcanoes.

In the colorful fishing villages along the route, you will find wonderful restaurants and cozy cabins. Once you have completed your circle, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect spot to celebrate your honeymoon achievements.

Trip Tips Book a car ahead, use the GPS built-in and get a 4G hotspot for your mobile phone to stay connected on the road. Iceland is open all year, but visitors who visit in September or April will be treated to the Northern Lights season.

If gourmet meals are your top priority, you should plan ahead to make a list of rest stops. Otherwise, be ready for plenty of gas station meals. These can range from ready-made hotdogs (a decent and unofficial national dish) to table-serviced hamburgers and pasta. During your Icelandic road trip, you should not forget about gas station culture.

The Alaska Highway: USA/Canada

All wonder, no frills. The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alcan for Alaska-Canada, is a legendary road to the north. It is the best way to get to Alaska, which is proudly called the “last frontier.” It is a two-lane highway that runs 1500 miles. However, it was constructed in a hurry during WWII.

The Alaska Highway is an amazing option for travelers who prefer to avoid the traditional highways and instead explore the wildernesses of British Columbia and Yukon. This rugged wilderness includes bears, bison, and eagles, as well as glaciers, fjords, and more dramatic mountains. The Alaska Highway is a great trip with charming towns and quirky pit stops. But the real star is nature.

Trip Tips – Get a copy of the Milepost every year. This essential Alaskan trip planner includes mile-by-mile logs of highways and attractions. Continue onwards to Fairbanks and the North Pole, both less than 100 miles from their official ends. Alaska’s wild and beautiful state is breathtaking, and car travel is the best way to see it.

You can make the most of your visit by exploring the Denali National Park further south. Our guide to Alaska will inspire you. Also, try to visit Alaska in the summer when daylight lasts for up to 19 hours per day.