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Tips for Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Join Us to Connect with Other TravelersThe classic road trip is back in fashion. Americans are more likely to travel…

By Chan , in Road Trip , at February 28, 2023

Join Us to Connect with Other TravelersThe classic road trip is back in fashion. Americans are more likely to travel by car for family visits and vacations. A survey by GasBuddy in May 2020 found that nearly three out of every four Americans plan to take a summer road trip.

Road trips can be a great way to create memories and discover new places. You can do some things to make your road trip memorable, whether staying in one place for a day or traveling across the country on a long-planned trip.

These tips will make traveling more straightforward and less stressful.

Outline Your Itinerary

It is crucial to plan where and what you want and how long you will be staying at each location.

You could spend your whole vacation at one stop or rush through the essential sites and need more time at other, more important ones. It’s not necessary to have an hour-by-hour itinerary. Instead, you should have a general idea about what you want to do and how long each stop will take.

Make sure you allow extra time for the last-minute thing that you need to see.

Find Must-See Sites

Everybody who is traveling together should make a list of two to three things they would like to do. I also ask them to share some things that are fun, but not necessarily the most important. If everyone travels together, they can often hit at least two of their top choices. If you plan well, everyone can do the things they love.

Tip: Don’t drive too many miles in one day when planning your trip. It’s fun to drive scenic routes. But, plan ahead how much time you will spend driving. Few people can spend hours in a car.

Find out who’s traveling with you

Decide who will be traveling with you. How compatible you are and who you travel with will often determine the success or failure of your vacation. It can be frustrating for one of you if you drive for hours in silence while the other wants to talk constantly. If one of you is determined to get to your destination quickly, while the other wants to visit every town along the way to learn more, you might experience similar tension. It is important to know who you are traveling alone with, what each person enjoys about travel, and how you plan to make your road trip successful. You may find that you can either meet in the middle of things or work together according to your individual preferences.

It is a good idea to plan ahead for your sleeping arrangements if you are staying over. If you are traveling with another couple, ensure everyone is on the same page. While some couples find sharing a room to be cozy and enjoyable, others prefer privacy and separate rooms.


Some people believe a vacation should be a time for splurging, while others prefer to keep to a tight budget and do it all on a shoestring. This is something that you should discuss before you go on the road. You should plan your budget, even if you’re traveling solo. Budget for fuel, meals, lodgings, activities, snacks, and admission fees as well as souvenirs, turnpike tolls, gasoline, food, gas, and alcohol.

I always decide how much I want and then work out the cost. You should discuss with your partner what kind of accommodations they want, what kinds of meals they prefer, and how much you can afford.

Join AAA or another road assistance club

Nobody wants to find themselves stuck somewhere. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere. It can save you time and money. AAA has been my membership for 36 years. I am always happy with the service I receive and the money that I save.

Book Reservations

Make reservations ahead of time if you are sure where you’ll be staying each night. It will be easy to know that you have a place and eliminate the worry of not finding it.

Inspect the property

Before you depart for your trip, make sure that your car passes all inspections. It is best to have your car serviced at least a week before you leave for the trip. It is best to check your car at least a week before you travel so that you can make an appointment. AAA states that most breakdowns can be avoidable by having your vehicle serviced prior to your trip.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Although it may sound silly, make sure your tires are properly inflated before you go. Properly inflated tires will give you more mileage per gallon. Your tires will also last longer. This is especially true if you experience extreme weather conditions. Are you unsure how much pressure your tires need? You can find the information on your car’s door.

Make sure to check the oil and wiper fluid

In case of emergency, make sure to have enough oil and an extra quarter of oil in your trunk. It is essential because you may not always be able to find the oil you need while traveling. My car uses synthetic oil and a strange mixture. When I first needed oil while traveling, I had five places to look before I found the right oil combination. I wasted time that could have been spent having fun. Since that time, I make sure to have enough in my bag before I go on any trip. You can find the information in your owner’s guide if you’re not sure which type you need.

Tip: Dirt, bugs, and other debris could cause vision impairments. Before you start your trip, ensure that the wiper fluid is full.

Stock emergency items

Double-check that your spare tire has been properly inflated. Also, make sure you have jumper cables and extra wiper liquid in your trunk. These items are kept in my trunk organizer, along with extra oil. In case of an emergency, I keep a blanket, extra water, and granola bars.

Clean your car before you go on a road trip

All trash must be removed. Clean windows and mirrors. Use the sweeper to clean the carpet. A clean car will make you feel better. Take empty bottles and other garbage with you when you stop to take a break and dispose of them properly.

It might be a good idea to wash your car’s exterior. My husband and I wash the outside of our car every day, while my family cleans the inside.