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Common Causes of Road Accidents and How to Avoid Them?

Road accident is the most unwanted thing which can happen to any road user. However, it happens quite often. The…

By Wiechmann , in Road Trip , at October 18, 2019

Road accident is the most unwanted thing which can happen to any road user. However, it happens quite often. The most unfortunate thing is that we never learn from our mistakes on the road. Most of the people who have their vehicles and use personal transport are well aware of the general rules and safety while using roads, but it is only the carelessness of these users, which causes accidents and crashes. The primary cause of these accidents is due to simple human errors of humans. So, here are some of the most common causes of road accidents and how we can avoid them:

  • Distracted Driving: This is becoming one of the most significant threats year-on-year and has been one of the leading causes of road accidents. Although distractions can be a minor thing, it can cause significant accidents. Distractions can be either inside or outside the vehicle. One of the significant disturbances will be using a mobile phone while driving. Pay full attention to the road while you are driving. This means no calls, no texts, no eating, no talking behind the wheel. This will reduce road accidents to a great extent. 
  • Drunk Driving: Drunk driving is another dangerous habit which hit the accident scale in the last couple of years. Drunk driving can be deadly. Consumption of alcoholic beverages to celebrate any occasion is common. But, when mixed with driving, it will turn into a misfortune. It decreases the reaction time and also hampers the vision to a great extent. All these factors have a significant role in causing accidents, and they might even be fatal most of the time. If you have anything to drink, it will be better to take a taxi or let a sober friend drop you off. The Scrap car removal agencies might be the only ones willing to accept the vehicles damaged in these cases as they will be fully totaled.
  • Speeding: It can be tempting to push the speed limit for some of the young people and others as well. The reason might be you running late or any other silly reason. It is the natural psyche of humans to excel in driving. But when we are sharing the road with others, we have to control our self and our urge as well. Increase in the speed will multiply the risk of the accident and the severity of the injury. Faster vehicles are more prone to accidents than slower ones. At higher rates of speeds, the vehicle will require higher lengths to put the vehicle to a halt. These vehicles which move at more top speed will have a more significant impact at the time and cause more massive injuries. 
  • Reckless Driving: Changing lanes quickly, speeding way over the limit, skipping the red light, or acting aggressively on the road can cause accidents. Commonly, vehicles cross the road at intersections without caring for the light. The main reason would be saving time. A person who jumps a red light does not only cause risk to his life but also the safety of the other road users. This act, which is caused by one driver, triggers other drivers to attempt it, which will result in chaos and traffic problems as well. Jumping traffic signals and basic rules on the road will hamper the decision-making skills and end up in crashes. 
  • Avoiding Safety Gears: Use of seat belts is mandatory as everyone knows. It is the same case as helmets for two-wheelers. Wearing seatbelts and helmets have become a law, and anyone is subject to a penalty for not following them. Wearing belts and helmets will double the chance of your survival in case of serious accidents. Safety gears keep you intact and safe during crashes. Two-wheeler deaths have been drastically reduced after helmets have been made as mandatory. It is even observed now that most of the users avoid these safety gear. One should use safety gears as a standard of safety and use them properly. 
  • Night Driving: Lack of visibility makes the hazards more difficult to see at night. You will have to make sure that you are extra alert on the road at night and also use your full lights when on an abandoned road with or without any street lights.