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Mind Blowing Unique Places For A Jazzy Party!

  We are always ready to party! Either it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary, someone’s expecting a baby or just had…

By Richard , in Travel , at October 4, 2019


We are always ready to party! Either it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary, someone’s expecting a baby or just had a promotion, we are simply looking for an excuse to plan a party! When we are so much accustomed to hosting events and parties frequently, we obviously wonder about some unique and phenomenal places to hold these parties!

A party basically consists of a vibrant venue, lots of guests, exhilarating entertainment, ravishing food and unlimited drinks! You just couldn’t miss any of these factors if you want to host a perfectly lively party. Especially, where your venue is concerned, it’s important for the location or the place to be great for the party to turn out to be the best. A lot of of emphasis has to be given on this factor when planning a bash! 

  Great places for a lovely party!

 Gone are the days when parties were held only at home or at a banquet hall. Today, people tend to discover new places to celebrate their special days and these are what we have listed for you below:

  •  Party buses — A party bus in Gold Coast from A.O.Limo is all you need to jazz up your celebrations.They provide some really magnificent party buses with all luxury amenities included in it. It is chauffeur driven and is in excellent condition — that means you already have a great ambience for your party. It would be an exceptional way to entertain your guests – giving them a joy ride on a bus across the city or even beyond. You can put up props to decorate the bus and give it a more personalised touch. Loud music and and lots of food, your party is going to be rocking on wheels (and most exhilarating ever)!
  •  Yacht party — A yacht party is another splendid idea for a unique yet wonderful event. You can glam up the yacht and make arrangements for yummy food on board. Of course you wouldn’t be forgetting the drinks too! A live band can be hired to see that the guests aren’t bored. You can then sail off on a yacht and enjoy your celebrations under the moon light amidst the sea. Oh, don’t forget a quiet moment on the deck to soak in the serenity.
  • Cruise party — It’s almost similar to the yacht celebration, but the difference is in the vessel. Obviously, a cruise ship has space for a larger bunch of people; there are more entertainment factors and lots of fun along with it too. If you let the cruise-line know of your plans, they shall happily help you host an amazing party on board.
  • Beach party — A beach party can be totally gripping! Gathering your guests on the beach and trying out some water sports activities can be just fabulous! You can even go for swimming with friends or just laze around under the sun and enjoy the party basking in the warmth (of sun and camaraderie too!). You can even enjoy the music and dancing on the beach amidst the flow of drinks (just check local laws about drinking in a public place). And if possible, don’t forget to try the sea-food!
  • Camp party — This one is more suited for adventurous souls! You go out with your guests for camping with all your camping gear and necessities with you and enjoy your celebration in nature’s lap. A bon-fire with some music to dance along with, some food to barbeque in the fire and some friends to share this awesome ambience with – that’s all you need for unlimited happiness. But make sure that you follow the rules of the camp-site. Also, at least one member of the party should be experienced in camping so as to guide others. 
  • Resort party — A resort party is another option of plush luxury! It allows your guests a getaway from home, a nice comfortable suite to stay in, lots of fun and games and a swimming pool to calm down after all the socialising. The best part about this kind of party is that a resort has hospitality managers who would take all the load of hosting off your shoulders. They can do the hard work, so that you can enjoy to the hilt without any hindrance. Added bonus? You also get the credit for being the best host ever!

We are sure these out of the box ideas are making you excited to plan your next party already! A party demands unlimited fun, and these places are perfect for the enjoyment you desire!