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Travel Guide: Safety Hacks When Going To A Desert

Travelling is fun, exciting, and adventurous – a perfect getaway from the daily hustle. Whether it is visiting the magnificent…

By Richard , in Travel , at January 3, 2020

Travelling is fun, exciting, and adventurous – a perfect getaway from the daily hustle. Whether it is visiting the magnificent Himalayas, the clear water beaches of Puerto Rico, or the famous Sahara Desert, Travelling de-stress our mind and prepare our body for the next phase. If you are going on a desert trip, then you must plan in advance and know what essentials are needed for a safe journey.

Deserts have their own beauty, watching the glittering stars in the cold sand, to riding a camel on a beautiful evening, they have so much to explore. But what distinguishes a desert trip from others is high temperatures, winds changing the shape of dunes and unexpected weather. So, traveling to the desert is challenging, but if you have essential tactical gears and right information, it becomes exciting. 

So here, we have selected some of the best and essential items you will need for your memorable desert tour. 

Desert Travel Essentials

Desert Essence Facial Water: If you have been to hilly areas having extreme cold winds, you might have noticed how skin becomes dry. Deserts have a dry climate with very low humidity that dehydrates our face as it is most exposed to the atmosphere. A Desert essence facial water can help you a lot, keeping you fresh and glowy for those perfect Insta pics. 

Lots and Lots of Water: When it is dry, your body needs more water to stay hydrated. So no matter what, make space for water bottles in your luggage bag for survival in extreme high temperatures. Don’t forget to carry water bottle cleaning tablets and mini water filter as they may come useful if you find a water reservoir in the stranded desert. Moreover, carry a cooling box with you or a bottle bag with cold thermos. 

The Guide Partner: Desert environment changes frequently, and one can get easily disoriented. So, carry a small but smart GPS system like those of military personnel. Don’t rely on your smartphone GPS as it will drain the battery leaving you stranded in the middle of the desert. A safety hack for desert travel is a mirror. You can use it to reflect sunlight to flash on rescuers. 

Tactical Clothing: Deserts are scorching in daytime and cold at night, so dress appropriately. From shoes to hats to sunglasses, protect your body from heatstroke by wearing 511 tactical pants that dust away the sand, and keep your body free from sand. 

You can find many online stores and distributors selling cool, stylish clothing at cheap prices. Besides clothing, buy a thin blanket to warm yourself on cold nights. 

Emergency Foods: While exotic food is a luxury in travel when you are in the desert, hunger can strike anytime. Walking on the large sand dunes with the sun above your head consumes your body energy. Emergency foods like energy bars, flavored energy drinks, instant food makes will fulfill your hunger and boost your energy. 

Most of the packaging depends upon the time you are traveling. So first check the weather forecast, how long your trip is, and then pack everything accordingly. A trip to the desert is a lifetime opportunity, and if you have all the essential gears, planning, and information, then you can enjoy it the fullest and experience the unseen beauty of widespread sand under the sky.