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How to Make the Most of Your Winery Visit?

Wine tourism is an experience that you will apprize throughout your lifetime. It is not just a visit but etching…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at December 30, 2019

Wine tourism is an experience that you will apprize throughout your lifetime. It is not just a visit but etching of memory with beautiful experiences, amazing facts, and friends that you will cherish in days to come. When you go visiting a wine country, don’t be lazy and doze off in your room or indulge in the obvious activities. 

Wine tourism involves an activity that is not just a casual indulgence; it is a journey that ought to be taken. If it is your first visit to a winery, you will come across different types of barrels, aromas, temperature and the serene process of how wine is made and where it comes from. You need not be a wine enthusiast to enjoy this experience because when you come out of the winery, you sure will be one.

Here are a few tips that you should know for a successful winery visit:-

Hire a wine tour bus- It is always better if you have someone to guide you through this visit, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Go for guided wine tours bus hire services which prove more than adequate. You can and should look for the services they provide and choose the one, best suited for your needs. For example, the Hunter Valley wineries tour can be personalized to fit as per your interests and customizations for a memorable experience. With a guided bus and a designated driver, you will taste more wine and explore more than what you ordinarily could. 

Explore unchartered territories– Don’t just go on visiting the usual spots and routes as others are. It is said that you find the best spots at a place which is frequented by few. So, try to include small spaces of the winery on your tour. Spend some time at these places and feel the drive and passion of wine and everything that it entails.

Early bird- Try to go earlier than usual to get the most out of your visit. If you are early, you can chat with the winemakers and the people who form the heart of the winery. You learn about what goes into the process of making wine, the temperature they are subjected to, the taste of freshly made wine, etc. Also, there are fewer people around and you can receive all the attention you want.

Regional specialties- Instead of trying your usual or the popular wines, go for regional specialties. The winery owners and winemakers make their hybrid specialty which is not readily available at all places. You might have never tried that specimen, but don’t worry, it might be better and more fresh than the ones you always drink. This is because the regional wine is made from the regional grapes and it will give you a taste of their exquisite land. The taste of such regional wine varies from places to places and, that is precisely the beauty of these tours.

Enquire about things- It is important that you not be a pillar and just watch and hear what you are told. You will not get the most of the tour if you just sit and listen. Ask questions! The questions can be about the process of preparation or origin of the grapes or anything that you might find interesting. Such inquisitiveness bodes well not just for your knowledge but for a fruitful experience of the tour as well. 

Mingle- Try to mingle with other visitors and enquire about their tastes and choices. You might not just meet a fellow wine enthusiast; you might make a friend for life.