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The UK is now open to visitors, and it’s the ideal time to explore the city before they become a…

By Chan , in Travel , at December 1, 2022

The UK is now open to visitors, and it’s the ideal time to explore the city before they become a significant tourist destination. Although places in London may not be available at total capacity, and entry and tour times are limited, you should still go out and enjoy some sightseeing. The Palace of Westminster is a great place to begin. It is one the most famous landmarks of Thames River Thames. This is the ideal place to spend an afternoon in London.

Since the 1500s, Westminster Palace has been where the House of Commons meets the House of Lords. It has also been part of the monarchy for over a thousand years. We have compiled some tips to help you visit the Palace of Westminster Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

Tips for Visiting the Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is a valid symbol of London. Big Ben stands proudly over the houses of Parliament. The Palace of Westminster has been around since 1870. Although Parliament has met here for centuries, it was only rebuilt in 1870 after a devastating fire in 18.34. The Jewel Tower in Westminster and the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft were among the places that survived the fire. Visitors are invited to visit the palace complex during parliament sessions and tours.

  • Take this highly-rated tour of the London Parliament behind the Scenes Exclusive Guided Visit. You’ll see the best of Westminster Palace, including Westminster Hall, the Queens Robing Room, and the Royal Gallery.
  • The City of Westminster is home to Westminster Palace. All the Parliament buildings can be found in the Palace of Westminster. This vast area of London can be overwhelming. This is where it gets easier. Highly rated walking tour After the tour of Westminster, you will be taken on a time of all the Houses of Parliament. This includes the Houses of Commons, House of Lords, and Parliament. An audio guide will help you understand how Parliament works.

How to get to The Palace of Westminster

    • Westminster Station is the nearest tube station. The palace is right at your feet when you exit the underground. All three District Lines, the Jubilee, Circle, and District Lines, go to Westminster Station.
    • Notable: Westminster Station can be accessed by wheelchairs
    • You can also reach Westminster Palace by boat, stopping at Westminster Pier.
    • Some buses stop at Westminster Station. Get the Movie App to view transit schedules.
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    • This London cruise between Westminster and Greenwich is also available.

How to Visit The Palace of Westminster

  • You must pass airport security when you enter The Palace of Westminster. You should expect to be denied the same items as at airport security. Avoid bringing scissors, aerosol cans, and liquids that aren’t in a sealed container. You will be issued a visitor pass once you have entered the building. This must be visible throughout your stay.
  • Download your Westminster Abbey audio guide with commentary by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons.
  • An audio guide is an excellent way to tour the Houses of Parliament at a pace that suits you while still receiving behind-the-scenes commentary and insight from a directory. The ticket office can be found at the entrance to Portcullis House if you wish to book guided tours of Westminster Palace. These tours are available on weekdays when Parliament is not in session and on most Saturdays throughout the year. Westminster Abbey costs PS18 to enter.
  • Book the Westminster Exclusive Tour Tour ahead of time to avoid crowds and see the best sites of the Palace of Westminster, including Westminster Hall, the Queens Robing Rooms, the Royal Gallery, the House of Commons, and The Chamber of the House of Lords.

Visit the Houses of Parliament

  • A tour is an excellent way of getting a deeper understanding of your visit to Parliament. However, there are other ways to see The Palace of Westminster without taking a tour. You can attend a session or listen to a debate.
  • Multimedia tours allow visitors to explore the iconic buildings at a pace that suits them, even when Parliament isn’t in session. The terms take approximately 90 minutes and go through the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Westminster Hall.

House of Commons

  • Sessions of the House of Commons are open to all members of the public. UK residents or foreign visitors can visit the House of Commons during Parliament. The galleries at Westminster Hall are available Monday through Thursday. (and on certain Fridays, as well.)
  • If you’re a British citizen, you must obtain a ticket to attend the Prime Minister’s speech.

House of Lords

  • The Lords Chamber houses the Commons, the Lords, and the Sovereign. The public can view chamber meetings free of charge or book a private tour for Saturdays when Parliament’s not in session. It is also open during the summer recess. The House of Lords meets Mondays through Thursdays (and some Fridays).
  • For times, see. It is easy to show up on the day you wish to visit and join the queue. It is best to arrive early as it is open on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before the session, as the queue opens an hour before. Tickets can be purchased from members of the House of Lords if you wish to ensure entrance.