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Hitting the Highway on Wheels? Note this Safety Checklist!

So, you have been playing safe till now behind the wheels, taking turns on small lanes and crossing bridges within…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at September 10, 2019

So, you have been playing safe till now behind the wheels, taking turns on small lanes and crossing bridges within your city? Are you just coming out of the initial inertia of shaky driving and trying to test deeper waters more confidently? Are you planning on taking your first step (read: a ride) on a highway? May be, you are feeling a little nervous? Or are you jubilant and excited in anticipation of your first highway journey behind the wheels? But let us tell you, both these feelings can be dangerous when you set out for such a drive.

No, we are not scaring you, but awareness is needed! Highways aren’t cake walks exactly. While your cars certainly love the swift and smooth rides on a highway, rash driving on a speeding lane can even result in some horrible mishaps. Driving safely on these huge roads need a certain amount of precaution that just can’t (and shouldn’t) be avoided at any cost. Either you are a new driver just out of your Driving School in Dandenong or a daily commuter who knows the way around cars well, commuting through highways do require certain instructions for all!

Check these factors before you set out for your first highway trip!

Highways can always be unpredictable! There should be some precautions taken into consideration when you’re all set to drive out there. Getting any emergency services on that spot can get delayed too. That’s it’s better to set off only after some good training from a driving school in Heatherton. Your Local Driving Academy trains you in driving like a pro, making you aware of those safety rules and extra handy tips by expert and experienced teachers. After you have got your claws sharpened, it’s better to check these factors before taking your car on a highway —

Service your car — Always make sure your tyres have enough air on them, brakes are working smoothly, handbrake is in good condition, engine is oiled well and the air conditioner and rain wipers are working, etc. This ensures your car wouldn’t give up during your long drive on the highway.

Fill up your fuel— An empty fuel tank may be because of a leaked petrol tank or unfortunate prolonged drive on the road. Or in some cases, due to neglecting a break to refuel. Make sure your car is levelled up with fuel to avoid any kind of inconvenience during the drive. (You just don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a long highway because of lack fuel awaiting help from someone)!

Follow lane discipline — There’s always a prescribed lane discipline chart during the commencement and midway of any highway. It’s always wise to follow them and drive at the recommended speed limit, follow the left or right path allocated for your kind of vehicle, etc.

Keep a safer distance — Vehicles do commute in relatively high speed on highways. When you’re on the way, it’s always advised to keep a safe gap from other vehicles. You never know when the driver ahead may choose to halt and give you a sudden jolt. (You may end up crashing the bumper in this case)

Keep an eye on the mirrors— Tracking the cars arriving from all directions is extremely necessary especially when you’re entering a highway or exiting from it. It’s also recommended at the time you think of overtaking other vehicles on the way. A sharp eye on the mirrors help you stay alert and safe.

Make use of those indicators — Indicators are of extreme necessity when commuting through this kind of route. Each time you desire to take a turn, or move your car to the side, you can signal the forthcoming vehicles about the same. This helps a lot, as even those vehicles would be speeding, and accidents may happen if you don’t alert them beforehand.

Never slow down or stop because of suspicious visitors — Highways are a hub for loots and robberies. As the SOS services are at bay from here, these criminals tend to take advantage of this opportunity and often attack the drivers and even kill them sometimes. If you think there’s a suspicious group of people asking for a lift of someone commenting on purpose to make you slow down or halt, never do that! They may be attackers waiting for their chance to pounce on you. (Though there are genuine commuters needing help too, it’s always wise to connect with the emergency services at this time either to help them, or if these are robbers, to arrest them.)

These are some of the vital precautions which are extremely necessary to take if you’re going to drive through a highway. There are some general precautions too – like — putting the glasses always up during your ride, never over-speeding or under speeding at any cost, and keeping track of your route through a GPS system or a map. It’s always better to stay safe and drive soundly!