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Meteora offers many more activities than simply visiting the monasteries. You can’t call this magical land of monoliths without seeing…

By Chan , in Travel , at January 18, 2023

Meteora offers many more activities than simply visiting the monasteries. You can’t call this magical land of monoliths without seeing them.

Meteora is a vibrant community that celebrates Greek culture and is surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. We were located four hours from Athens. We hopped in our car and joined Visit Meteora for a tour through this attractive Greek Destination. We stayed in Kalabaka and enjoyed all the area offers.

Things to Do in Meteora, Greece

Meteora is Latin for “suspended within the air,” which you’ll find when you visit Meteora. Its monasteries, which hang in the air, are the main attraction. These monasteries are a great place to start when looking for activities in Meteora. Six monasteries are left from the original 24 and date back to the 14th Century. You can also visit monasteries in Ioannina in Greece. Read more at Things To Do In Ioannina – A Little-Known Greece Escape.

Visit the Monasteries Of Meteora

It’s hard to believe that these monks built monasteries from scratch above huge monoliths. They had to climb ladders and ropes to reach the top of the rocky spires that reached 300-500m in the air. (984 to 1640 feet).

They were secure and sound enough to live in peace and solitude once safely tucked away in the air.

These monasteries are worth visiting in Meteora.

  • The Great Meteoron Monastery, the largest monastery in Meteora, is home to the Great Meteoron Monastery. It was built in the 14th Century by Saint Athanasios and is the oldest monastery you can visit.
  • The most well-known monastery in Meteora is the Holy Trinity Monastery. It is the most photographed monastery in Meteora. In the 1981 James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, it was also featured.
  • The Varlaam Monastery, the second-largest monastery in Meteora, is next to the Great Meteoron Monastery.
  • The Monastery of Saint Nicholas of Anapafsas
  • St. Stephen Monastery- St. Stephen’s monastery dates back to the 12th Century. It was used as a monastery for centuries. The Sisterhood of Nuns in 1961 took it over. There are still nuns living there today.
  • Holy Monastery Roussanou – Roussanou is at a lower elevation than the other monasteries, making it easier to visit.

Wander through the Monasteries and Monoliths

Many people drive to the viewpoints at Meteora by taking a day trip from Thessaloniki, Athens. But it’s worth spending a few days exploring this beautiful area. To see lesser-known sights, hiking through abandoned monasteries was one of our favorite things in Meteora.

You can find monasteries hidden from the road. If you go on a hike, the scenery is breathtaking.

Natural History Museum

Meteora’s mushroom museum is a unique feature. It’s a mixture of the Mushroom Museum and the Natural History Museum. More than 300 embalmed animals are displayed, displaying wildlife from Europe’s past and present.

Mushrooms of Meteora

Things get interesting only when you go into the mushroom museum. You’ll notice the climate is very damp if you look at our Meteora videos. This makes it the ideal environment for mushrooms.

It is a great place to visit to learn all about mushrooms. There are more than 250 mushrooms that have been sculpted and painted by hand.

Mushroom dinner

The museum and shop are connected by the Neromilos Restaurant, where you can enjoy a 6-course sampler of mushrooms in every way possible. All of our desserts and drinks were made with mushrooms. There is also a shop where souvenirs can be purchased. The most delicious truffle oil was ours.

After a tour and visit to the Mushroom Museum, you can book this experience at Neromilos Restaurant.

Wine Tour

Theopetra vineyard can be found on the slopes of Theopetra’s prehistoric cave. The cave contained grape seeds, which show a long history of winemaking in the area. Monks have made their beer and wine wherever they go. Meteora is no exception. It’s not surprising that monks began producing spirits in the 14th Century.

Tsipouro-aged wine is another option. Tsipouro, a solid Greek spirit, is 40 to 45% alcohol. The Vineyard offers tours and tastings.

Kalabaka: Enjoy the Local Lifestyle

Kalabaka, also known as Kalampaka, is the principal city in Meteora. It is located within the monoliths. This city allowed us to explore the area and experience the local culture and friendly Greeks. As we enjoyed delicious gastronomical delights, we could enjoy stunning views of the monoliths at Meteoron Panoron Restaurant.

We danced to Greek musicians playing the guitar at the Archontariki restaurant and enjoyed countless delicious meals that celebrated our favorite Greek cuisine.

Local cuisine

Going out at night to eat delicious Greek Food is one of the most memorable experiences in Greece. Meteora is full of great places to eat. Each one has its style and specialties. Each with its unique charm and specialties. And each with its welcoming hospitality. These are just a few suggestions for where to eat in Meteora.

  • Restaurant Meteora– This restaurant is well-known for letting you see the cooking process in the kitchen.
  • Panelinion restaurant – Warm and welcoming taverna located under the Meteora rocks.
  • Paramita Restaurant This was our favorite night out, with live music playing while we ate souvlaki. Get involved in some lively Greek dancing.
  • Gardenia restaurant – This restaurant is located in Kastraki and offers the most spectacular view of Meteora.