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Green Traveling With Eco Friendly Gadgets

Whether you’re going camping or setting off on an island vacation, there’s always the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at June 26, 2019

Whether you’re going camping or setting off on an island vacation, there’s always the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint while you travel. To assist you, consider taking along an eco-friendly travel gadget made not only to benefit the environment, but also make your trip more convenient. Don’t leave for your next vacation without one of these innovative eco-friendly devices.

Solar-powered battery

Travel + Leisure recommended taking a solar-powered battery with you on your journey. Choose one with a universal adapter to charge anything from your iPhone to your camera. Simply provide enough sunshine to power the solar panels before your trip and they will have enough energy to charge any of your devices for up to a year. This is the perfect solution to business travel when you’re completely reliant on your electronic devices. Since the solar battery is cordless, you can power your electronics anywhere, even on your flight or on the beach. 

Recycled luggage

Many travelers don’t put much thought into the materials from which their luggage is made. However, Fodors Travel noted that there are suitcases available that were made from entirely recycled matter. There are even some designed out of items, such as sea glass, from seaports across the country.

Travelers don’t have to sacrifice style for an eco-friendly bag. In fact, you can find some beautiful colors and designs that make eco-bags competitors with regular luggage. 

Cardboard speakers

Love playing your favorite tunes while sitting back at the beach? EcoSeed highly suggested you look into eco-friendly speakers made completely out of cardboard. An impressive 70 percent consists of recycled materials. 

They function just as normal speakers would, except they’re light, easily portable and can work with any device, even a smartphone, making it easier than ever to relax with the songs you love. 

Photo memory card

For all those travelers who love taking pictures on their vacations, try using a memory card that stores digital photos instead of ones that force you to make prints. Your photos will automatically upload to any social media site or your laptop so you don’t have to worry about sorting through them and manually uploading them yourself. Travel + Leisure also pointed out that this makes sharing your experiences with your family and friends back home easy and convenient. If you’re taking a tour of a safari, for example, with a memory photo card, you have the option to post pictures as you take them.

Water-powered alarm clock

If you’re traveling on a business trip, chances are you will have to wake up long before you want to. This means you will require the assistance of an alarm clock. Why use a traditional wake up call when you could rise in the morning to an environmentally friendly one? According to EcoSeed, all you have to do is pour salt water into the top of the clock and watch it power on for months like magic – its electrodes gather energy from the salt in the water. Without cords or batteries, this innovative gadget can also fit into a carry-on or even your pocket with ease.