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This guide will help you find the best things to do when visiting New Brunswick. New Brunswick is home to…

By Chan , in Travel , at January 13, 2023

This guide will help you find the best things to do when visiting New Brunswick. New Brunswick is home to some of the highest tides in the world, as well as stunning coastal scenery and historic cities. It has everything a tourist could need.

This beautiful province is a must-see when planning a road trip to Canada’s East Coast. We felt the warmth and friendliness of New Brunswickers everywhere we went. We were amazed at the variety of attractions found throughout New Brunswick.

Things to Do in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is more than the Hopewell Rocks. It is a popular destination in Canada, with its hip city of Saint John and the amazing Fundy Trail.

Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks are the most well-known tourist attraction in Eastern Canada. It is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in New Brunswick. The Bay of Fundy’s collection of flowerpot rock formations is a natural wonder of nature. Visitors can walk for up to three hours on each side of low tide and witness the incredible movement of these waters. We’ve been on many adventures with high tides. Watch our video.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy can be seen from many places, including the Hopewell Rocks. It is home to some of the most powerful tides in the world. You can see it at high and low tides. The bay is flooded twice daily by the waves, which move 100 billion tons of water 15 m (52 feet) into and out of it. Low tide allows visitors to walk miles and explore the sea caves, rock formations, arches, and other features up close. It is the top thing to do when visiting New Brunswick.

Martins Sea Caves

The Hopewell Rocks are the most prominent place to see the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. However, we loved walking on the ocean floor at the Sea Caves of St. Martins. When the tides are high, the St. Martins sea caves almost disappear beneath the sea. Visitors can still explore the vast caverns inside the caves if the tide is low.

It would help if you visited at both low and high tide. You will see the town and caves from a different perspective. It is a stunning sight to see and one not to miss.


St. Martins is well worth a visit for a few days. Kayak tours can be booked to explore the bay of Fundy at high tide. Kayaking the Bay of Fundy can be one of the most exciting things you do. Here you will see the famous fishing boats moored on the ocean floor at low tide, waiting for the high tide. Spending a whole day in St. Martins will allow you to appreciate the power of waves. It also has two historic covered bridges. It’s a true hidden treasure in Canada.

Hot Tip – Split Rock

Split Rock at Duck Pond is the perfect spot to see the Bay of Fundy. You can walk along this deserted beach to reach a vast sea cliff at low tide. 

Historic Covered Bridges

New Brunswick boasts 58 covered bridges. It can take several weeks to see them, but it’s fun to go on a day trip to discover them. Two bridges can also be found in Saint Martin, located 45 minutes north of Saint John. These covered bridges, also known as Kissing Bridges, were once standard on the land, which dates back to the 1800s. The remaining 58 buildings have been declared heritage buildings.

The longest-covered bridge in the world

Hartland’s World-Longest Covered Bridge is the star among all New Brunswick’s covered bridges. The Hartland-covered bridge, located 90 minutes north of Fredricton, dates back to 1901. It was completed in 1021. At 391m (1,282ft) in length, it holds the record for the longest-covered bridge worldwide.