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Did you know Canada has a Paris? Paris, Ontario, is just down the road from Scotland. It’s also not far from…

By Chan , in Travel , at October 3, 2022

Did you know Canada has a Paris? Paris, Ontario, is just down the road from Scotland. It’s also not far from Cambridge. You can take a road trip to Paris, Ontario, just down the road from Scotland and not far from Cambridge. It was made from gypsum to make Plaster Paris, which was used to build walls and ceilings.

Dave and I moved from Canada to Paris last year. We love this beautiful community. It was named Canada’s prettiest little town and is just one hour and twenty minutes away from Toronto. This makes it a popular day trip destination for those who want to escape the city. These are the top things to do in Paris (Ontario) if you’re looking for a weekend getaway or just a day of exploration.

Things to Do in Paris, Ontario

Paris, Ontario, astonished me. I was born here but haven’t been back in 20 years. Dave was born across the street in Burlington and had never been to this area before. Although it was not on our radar, after visiting my parents to view houses before the pandemic, we decided to buy one! This isn’t Paris or Brant County. I remember growing up. Paris is now home to cool boutique shops and modern restaurants. There are also plenty of outdoor adventures along the Grand River. Let’s dive in!

Paris Outdoors

Kayak the Grand River

We arrived in Paris at the pandemic’s peak, so we had plenty of time to explore the outdoors. The Grand River is a popular destination for kayaking in the province. We didn’t know it was so. Kayakers can place their kayaks anywhere in Paris, where they can float towards Brantford. However, our favourite route is to put your kayak in Glen Morris (11km away) and then kayak back to town.

There is one catch: you will need two cars. My brother and I loaded our kayaks into his truck and dropped them off at the launch site. The truck was then driven to Paris, where it was left at Penman’s Dam. We then drove back to Glen Morris to pick up our vehicle. It’s not easy, but paddling one way is much more fun than paddling upstream.

  • You can book kayaking trips with Grand River Rafting Company
  • Grand Adventures offers canoeing and kayaking trips on the Grand River and Nith Rivers.
  • You can also book shuttles and do the same as others. Just call a taxi to get back to your car.

Tube the Grand River

If kayaking is not your thing, River tubing is popular on Grand. There are many launch points along the Grand for tubers, but the best way to get in is to launch from downtown Paris and float to the Brant Conservation area. You will need two cars for this, but Grand River Rafting can provide shuttles. Others have also reported that they use taxis for shuttle purposes. This is a great idea. Grand River Rafting offers Turbo Tubing tours and rentals. PS: We recommend that you have tubing paddles to navigate through rapids and obstacles.

Rafting the Grand River

While we have paddled along the Grand River on a SUP (stand-up paddleboard), we also see whitewater rafters passing by daily. Grand River rafting doesn’t have the same whitewater as Ottawa Whitewater Rafting, but it can be fun for families and involves overcoming a few obstacles. There are beaches and swimming to enjoy, and the scenery is stunning. This is a great trip for groups.

Stroll the Nith River Sensory Trail

This trail is a favourite of ours in Lions Park. This trail is unique because it is accessible to all levels of ability. You will find activities and stops along this route, with signs in braille for those who are blind. The trail is accessible for wheelchair- and stroller-friendly people with visual impairments by a rope. The Nith River Sensory Trail offers a peaceful setting for flyfishermen to catch their catch elegantly. Trees line the trail, making it a pleasant and shaded stroll. Enjoy the sensory garden by stopping to play with some of the instruments.

Go Fishing

The Grand River and Nith are popular for fly fishing, but regular fishing is also a popular pastime. Penman’s Dam, in Paris, Ontario, is the most popular attraction. We went on a walk near the Dam with a Windsor couple. They told us that this was their first trip to Paris. They couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Penman’s Dam was a stunning location that we noticed and were proud to tell them they wanted it. Paris has many fishing spots on the Grand and Nith rivers. It is also a popular place for fly fishing. With the Grand’s shallow waters, conditions are almost perfect. Fly fishing in Paris with Fly Water Guiding is available here.