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 Road Trip Tips 2023 (Advice for Long or Cross Country Trips)

This essential list of road trip tips has been created after thousands of miles. Nothing beats getting out on the open road…

By Chan , in Road Trip , at February 28, 2023

This essential list of road trip tips has been created after thousands of miles.

Nothing beats getting out on the open road with the radio blasting and the excitement of a new place. It’s one of my favorite ways to discover new places. It’s a great way to explore new places and has the flexibility to stop when you find something interesting.

These tips will help you be ready for any long road trip. Learn how to make a road trip a success!

This article provides a quick guideline for road trips before you embark on your adventure.

This blog post has excellent information and tips for road travelers.

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Create a road trip checklist

You don’t want to have your car break down on your road trip. You need to be familiar with how to prepare your car for a road trip

It is a good idea to inspect your vehicle the week before you leave. You have enough time to fix any problems before you leave.

This is one of the most important road trip tips to keep you from getting lost on your journey.

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To be ready for any unexpected stops, you should also ensure that you have a Roadside Assistance Kit.

These tips are key to making your road trip better!

Use this road trip packing checklist

Your road trip will be much more enjoyable if you have everything you need. While over-preparing can ruin the adventure, there are Road Trip accessories that you won’t want to miss while on the open road.

The IOttie Wireless Charging Smartphone Mount was a great product that helped me. It allows you to charge your phone in your car while keeping it accessible.

The Anker car charger is a great option for those who need a more affordable alternative.

These road trip tips will help you make sure that all your gear is in order. Take some time to review them the week before. Preparation is the key to success!

Create a road trip itinerary without driving

It’s easy to get too many things done when you’re researching your itinerary. Driving scenic routes can be fun, but driving too many hours will ruin your enjoyment of your road trip.

Plan an itinerary that isn’t too driving. This is why I have one of my favorite road trip tips.

You can plan multiple stops so that you have more time to enjoy the various attractions and locations.

Our full article is Planning a Road Trip

Before you leave for your trip, give your car a good clean

It is important to keep your car clean when you spend a lot of time in it. Before you leave on your road trip, give your car a thorough clean.

You will feel more relaxed while on your journey.

The Knodel Car Trak Organizer can help you with this.

Make a great playlist for your road trip music

Road traveling in silence is not something anyone likes. Before you leave for your trip, make sure to have a playlist of the most memorable songs. This free trial for Audible could be a great option.

To get excited, book some highlights from your trip

You can spend a few extra dollars on your trip by setting a budget and keeping most of the costs under control. To identify the highlights along your route, make sure to use a route planner.

To find attractions and events along my road trip, I use GetYourGuide

If you’re driving abroad, learn the rules of the road

Make sure you’ve read the highway codes for any country you plan to travel to. If you’re in Europe, you can find information about AA. This information is also available on the government websites of the USA.

One of the most important road trip tips is to be safe behind the wheel

Rent a car at the lowest price

It is important to find the best rental car deal if you fly to a destination. These Tips will help you save money.

Book in advance and look at other pickup locations than the airport. Make sure you fully understand your insurance and return the car filled with gas! For a quote on your vehicle, visit Rental cars

Find the best parking prices near your destination

If you’re not careful, parking can become one of your biggest expenses on a road trip. It is my goal to find accommodation that includes parking. You can also stay in the suburbs if there is great public transport.

Avoid the traffic in inner-city areas. A complete blog post is available on How to Save Money on Car Parking.

In the event of an unavoidable accident, use a dashcam

A dashcam is a great idea for many reasons. These are just a few of the many benefits.

Record footage of accidents that occur.

You can prevent insurance fraud by keeping evidence of any incidents.

If they accuse you of speeding, contest the ticket.

Record amazing footage of stunning roads to create unforgettable memories.

An article has been published on the top dash cams currently available!

To manage the costs of your road trip, create a budget

You can manage your expenses by creating a budget that includes food, accommodation, and transport. This will allow you to enjoy the adventure and not worry about the money.

Are you not the most financially sound? Our guide to How to Create a Road Trip Budget.

Start the conversation with road trip questions

You can get ahead of the game by planning entertainment for your long road trip. To keep you busy, we have many articles about Road Trip Entertainment.

You will find more road trip tips down below. Keep reading to learn how to keep entertained.

If necessary, plan ahead for border crossings

It is important to research ahead if you plan to take a long trip abroad or cross a border. You should know the requirements for documentation and the restrictions applicable to your vehicle.

Also, make sure your insurance is current and that you do not require special permission. We have a complete article on European Border Crossings by Car if your road trip takes you to Europe.