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Top 10 Tips For Eco-friendly Travel

While it is one thing to desire to be more environmentally-friendly, it can sometimes be difficult to actually do so….

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

While it is one thing to desire to be more environmentally-friendly, it can sometimes be difficult to actually do so. Eliza Anderson from Intrepid Travel shares 10 tips that can be used to make your travel more environmentally-friendly.

1. Don’t bag it

Your holiday memories should last for many years. However, 500 years is too long. It can take plastic bags so bring a reusable shopping bag to local markets. Purchase online or at home, and make a claim from anywhere around the globe. You can enjoy 150+ adventure activities and get 24/7 emergency assistance.

2. Take care of your stuff

Flying is a sport that counts every kilo. The heavier a plane is, the more carbon it emits. Only take what you really need. The environment will be grateful.

3. Part the load

Public transport is one of best ways to help the environment while traveling. Public transport is more environmentally friendly than private transport. You will have more opportunities to meet locals and enhance your travel experience.

4. Travel across the country

You can cut down on your carbon footprint by taking just one five-hour fly . You’ll also get to see more of the country!

5. Enjoy a beer near you

Locally brewed beer is a great way to enjoy high-quality ales. Your drink can also be low in carbon by reducing the beer mileage.
The same applies to local produce. It’s easy to let your taste buds go wild – it’s also carbon-friendly

6. Feel at home in a hotel

It’s a great idea to behave in hotels like you would at home. Avoid using towels that are not needed, avoid long showers, and turn off the TV, lights, and aircon when you leave.

7. Choose a carbon-offset adventure

Traveling does not mean you can avoid all carbon emissions. Intrepid Travel offers a variety of adventures for which it has calculated carbon emissions. It will reduce where possible and offset the rest. The trip’s cost includes offset costs and accounting for emissions from transport, accommodation and waste.

8. Avoid bottled water

Many plastic bottles are a source of waste. Intrepid Travel worked with Asia hotels to install water filters so that travelers could fill their bottles with safe water.

9. Stay true to your path

Always follow marked trails when hiking and keep a safe distance to any wildlife you come across. You could endanger endangered or protected plants if you go off-the-beaten track.

10. Numbers are power

Because smaller groups have a lower environmental impact, it’s better to travel with eco-friendly tour operators. Ask about the group size before you make your booking. After you have their attention, ask them how they give back to the community where you will be staying.

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Intrepid Travel believes in respecting local cultures, peoples, and the environment. They can conserve the places they visit and provide positive benefits for the host communities by inviting their guests to join them.