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How to Make the Most of your One-Day Trip to Sydney Like a Boss?

Australia is also known as the land down under, The land of droughts and rains, The lucky country. There are…

By Richard , in Travel , at August 1, 2019

Australia is also known as the land down under, The land of droughts and rains, The lucky country. There are a lot of names to this country, and everything is justified, and the names will give you a lot of happiness, sunshine and endless landscapes. This is the main reason why travellers tend to visit Australia once in a lifetime. Sydney is a great place to kick start the journey for travellers and continue the adventure from there. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it has enough attractions to keep a traveller engaged for an extended period.  

The Best Way to Spend a Day in Sydney

What would you do if you do not have a lot of time to spend seeing all the beautiful places in Sydney? You might be a   who is on a fixed budget or a businessman who has a very messy time. You have only one day to spend in Sydney, and you are wondering how you can see all the attractions this beautiful city can offer. Well, we have got you covered. You can choose agencies which provide private touring facilities in the town. To know such agencies, you can search for Private tours Sydney to get the list of all the agencies who provide the private touring facility. We have also picked out some of the must-see areas for you to cover Sydney in one day. You will firstly have to figure out where to stay in Sydney. Once the place gets fixed, this beautiful place is pretty much your oyster. 

  • Start at Sydney’s Eye: You can start your day by going to the Sydney tower eye, which is the city’s highest viewing point. It is a great way to get a spectacular view and adjust yourself for the rest of the day. You will be able to get a full 360-degree view of Sydney. The tickets are available online, and you can even have additional entries to other attractions nearby such as the Sydney zoo, Sealife Aquarium, and Madame Tussauds Sydney at reasonable prices.
  • Market Street Shopping: You can then head along the market street and spend some time browsing through the primary shopping area of Sydney. A lot of high-class retail stores can be found on the side of the road, which sells products which are from Australia and abroad as well.
  • The Art Gallery at South Wales: Head northeast until you reach the art gallery in South Wales, which is one of the best attractions in Australia. This gallery is a must-see for those who have a taste for culture. There are five levels in the museum, and they consist of a diverse range of art and artistic styles. 
  • Royal Botanical Gardens: Head towards the Royal Botanical Gardens from the art gallery. This is one of the best sceneries in the whole of Sydney, which offers natural floral beauty and is also very close to the central business district. The garden is divided into different areas of the plant world and is well organized and maintained. 
  • Circular Quay: Start from the botanical gardens to the Circular Quay, which is the hub and the iconic harbor of Sydney. This is the stepping stone for most of the attractions and is a delightful location with all the ferries taking you to different places offering great views of the bridge. 
  • Harbor Ferries: Go to the departure terminal and hop on to a ferry to have a relaxing and soothing round trip which will show you the harbor and other exciting places around. 
  • Sydney Opera House: Sydney Opera House is one of the best things to do in Sydney and one of the most iconic locations in the whole of Australia. The impeccable architectural design and engineering will add to the character of the harbor, which contains it. It is one of the most photographed places in the country.
  • Wander the City at Night: Go to the city center at night to have a whole other aspect of Sydney. Sydney comes alive when the evenings are illuminated. The streets are always lively, and the display is filled with multi-cultural diversity.