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Explore like a pro: Three places you must visit when in Adelaide

Some cities are purely young, accepting all the youth and children. Some cities are like an aged wine, fascinating for…

By Richard , in Travel , at March 20, 2020

Some cities are purely young, accepting all the youth and children. Some cities are like an aged wine, fascinating for adults; and then comes Adelaide, a perfect balance. Adelaide is a place where there is something for everyone. Being the capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a classy, yet exciting city with a rich folk legacy, and countless attractions. There is an epidemic juice of traditional places, electrifying marketplaces, and tongue teasing footstalls to attract you towards the city. Read on this guide on Adelaide if you are ready for an action-packed day in this beautiful city of South Australia. 

  • Rundle Mall: The Shopper’s Stop

If shopping gives you pleasure, then Adelaide offers you Rundle Mall. Known as one of the main Attractions of Adelaide, Rundle Mall is the city’s chief shopping boulevard, and it is an interesting fact that it also happens to be Australia’s principal pedestrian-only mall. You can access a huge range of Australian and other global stores here, in addition to many boutiques, not forgetting a grid of walkways associated with the main mall. From lifestyle items to clothes, from retail chains to shoes, and from shopping lures to cockroach statues, this mall leaves you captivated until you leave it. 

  • Adelaide Central Market

For those who always look for food in any city, the Adelaide Central Market is for you. With nearly 80 food stalls under one roof, the central market is known as the food hub of Adelaide. With an outstanding range of vegetable and fruit yards to choose from, it is Australia’s largest fresh food produce center. There is live music every Friday and various events throughout the year to entice you to have a seat. There are curated workshops and events for cooking, edible-gifts, university, and even a vegan fest. It is worth noting that most of the food products of the market are homegrown to support the local vendors of the city. 

  • Composed Churches  

If you feel missed out on the religious part, Adelaide offers you a huge chain of churches to find your peace of mind and relax. Famous Churches in Adelaide include New Creation Church, Trinity Church, Scots Church, Flinders Street Baptist Church, Brougham Palace Uniting Church, and St. Francis Xavier’s Catholic Cathedral; there are plenty of churches in Adelaide that offer you tranquillity and concord in your true senses. Another interesting fact about the churches here is that all the churches have some degree of the artistic backdrop and stimulating stores that keep you glued to the place until you decide to leave. 

Apart from the above places, Adelaide has much more to offer to start from, Adelaide Botanic Garden, Gorgeous Glenelg, the Himeji Garden, and Carrick Hill, and so on. The best time to visit Adelaide is mud-summer to the springs.