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Lunenburg is Canada’s prettiest city. It is obvious. Many towns claim they are beautiful, but how can they compete with…

By Chan , in Travel , at January 13, 2023

Lunenburg is Canada’s prettiest city. It is obvious. Many towns claim they are beautiful, but how can they compete with Lunenburg’s beautifully painted houses that line its harbor? This historic fishing village has been designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of two North American urban centers to be so. These are the top things to do in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The Best Things to Do in Lunenburg

Lunenberg, founded in 1753, is one of the most important examples of a British Colonial settlement in North America. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Because so much of the history and heritage of these communities are intertwined, we have included Mahone Bay in the Lunenburg guide. You can easily visit the beautiful heritage towns within a single trip, as they are only 10 minutes apart.

Many things to do in Lunenburg will appeal to all travelers. But, one of the most important things you can do is learn about the restored heritage buildings. When you arrive in Lunenburg, make sure to walk the streets of the old town.

Explore Old Town Lunenburg

One of the best things to do in Lunenburg is to explore the old town. There are over 30 heritage buildings in Lunenburg (Nova Scotia), each telling a different story about the lives and times of Lunenburg’s early settlers.

On an organized walking tour, we discovered Lunenburg and gained many insider tips. But even if you stroll the streets, you’ll be captivated. Lunenburg Walking Tours are hosted by a Lunenburg resident who dates back eight generations. Tours available.

A tour is recommended, as you will learn about the history of each heritage building. However, you can also tour them on your tour. This is a list of Lunenburg’s heritage attractions.

John’s Anglican Church

It is St. John’s Anglican Church, which is a must-see heritage building. Since 1754, it has been at the heart of the fishing community. It was set on fire by arsonists in 2001. However, the town rallied to get it rebuilt. It has been restored to its original glory and demonstrates the community’s resilience.

Volunteers salvaged pieces from the stained-glass window destroyed to save the church. Today, St. John’s Anglican Church is one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival North America.

Lunenburg Walking Tour

Lunenburg Walking Tours are the best way to begin your Lunenburg trip. You can walk through historic buildings and learn more about the people who made Lunenburg possible. We met at Gallows Hill’s Old School Academy and worked through the heritage district for three hours until we reached the waterfront. We can’t give away too much because it was a fantastic tour. An 8th-generation local host will share stories from the past with you.

We also discovered little facts that only the insiders knew. One example: Did you know Oxblood was one of the original colors used in the famous Lunenburg houses? It’s a red-rusty color, made from an ox’s blood.

Fisheries Museum Of The Atlantic

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is a top tourist attraction in Lunenburg. It stands proudly on the Lunenberg waterfront. You can visit the museum and be allowed to see the Lunenburg wharf. Retired fishermen may also guide you.

The Lunenburg Waterfront is home to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

Fisherman’s Memorial

The Fisherman’s Memorial, located at the Lunenburg waterfront, is a moving tribute to more than 700 individuals who died at sea. Granite columns are etched with the names. Names of boats are also carved into the granite columns, the most impactful being “Vessels lost by all hands.” This fishing community paid a heavy price.

Ironworks Distillery

Visit the Lunenburg Ironwork’s Distillery to pay homage to Lunenburg’s rich rum-running history. This micro-distillery can be found in the Old Port of Lunenburg, in the Old Ironwork Building that dates back to 1893. Ironworks Distillery produces vodka from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley apples. They also make fruity liqueurs, but their most popular product is their award-winning Rum. To see the process of making spirits, you can join guided tours at the distillery.

Shipwright Brewing Company

You might prefer microbrews, so take a tour of the microbrewing company that overlooks the Lunenburg waterfront. You can take a brewery tour or enjoy a pint while you admire the views from the waterfront.

Berlin Wall at The Luneburg Legion

There is a fragment of the Berlin Wall everywhere in the world, so it makes sense that this UNESCO World Heritage Site should have one too. To honor the Lunenburg community’s German heritage, it was recently moved to the front by the legion in Lunenburg.