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Carmel by the Sea is a paradise for the famous and wealthy. Clint Eastwood served as the mayor of this…

By Chan , in Travel , at December 13, 2022

Carmel by the Sea is a paradise for the famous and wealthy. Clint Eastwood served as the mayor of this charming seaside community. It has been home to some of the most prominent neighborhoods in America, attracting artists and celebrities for decades. Although it is only a one-square-mile, this charming village packs a big punch. Carmel is a fairytale village with beautiful ocean views and art galleries.

Carmel, California, is a must-see on any road trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You’ll love Carmel by the Sea. From exploring the town center to day trips to the Pacific Ocean Coast, there are many things you can do. We’re here for you to help make the most of your Carmel vacation.

California, Carmel By The Sea

Let’s first learn about Carmel by The Sea before we begin exploring it. It is known for its beautiful scenery and small-town atmosphere. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spanish explorer, first saw the white-sand beaches.

The Spaniards passed it for over a century until Father Junipero Serra established the second California mission in 1771, which still stands today. Artists were attracted to Carmel by the Sea by the turn of the 20th century to create an artist’s paradise. After the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Carmel by The Sea became their permanent home.

Even though it has been a century since the original traditions were preserved, there are still street addresses in Carmel’s downtown core. Carmel by the Sea is not home to any chain restaurants. Instead, it has a variety of fine dining, wine-tasting restaurants, and family-owned businesses.

It is illegal to wear heels in Carmel, just for entertainment. Although it isn’t enforced, high heels are not allowed in Carmel. (Free at the town hall) This law was created in 1960 to protect the natural setting of Carmel’s forests and prevent anyone from suing for tripping the roots or trees scattered throughout the town.

Carmel boasts Doris Day and Jack London as its most famous residents. Clint Eastwood is one of the celebrities who still own property at Pebble Beach. This exclusive community has real estate values of up to 15 millions dollars.

The Best Things to Do in Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the Sea is a beautiful place to spend a weekend or as a base for exploring Monterey, Big Sur, and the Pacific Coast Highway. To help you plan your California Road Trip or weekend getaway to Carmel by the Sea, we’ve collected the top things to do in Carmel.

Learn to Surf

We took a surfing lesson in Carmel, one of our favorite things to do. You can’t go wrong with an address in surfing when you are in California. Carmel Surf lessons offer courses, rentals, or just a day with an instructor to get you on the board. Learn to surf on sandy beaches with effortless waves and become a Californian. Your instructor will show you how to stand on the board and ride the waves. This is a great place to start surfing. We have tried it a few times all over the globe.

Stroll along Carmel Beach

If surfing is not your thing, Carmel Beach is a great spot to relax and enjoy the sun and sand. This is a beautiful horseshoe beach that offers stunning views and rocky outcrops. It’s also downtown. We took our surfing lesson here, but many people were walking with their dogs on this crescent-shaped 1-mile beach that is dog-friendly.

Carmel River State Beach

Carmel River State Beach is another beach that can be found just south of Carmel by the Sea. This beach is excellent for bird-watching. Hikers can spot Great Blue Herons and brown pelicans flying above the lagoon at the Carmel River Lagoon or Wetlands Natural Preserve. You may also see the Downy Woodpecker if you walk upstream.

Point Lobos State Reserve

A popular stop just a bit further south is Point Lobos State Reserve. This state park is a top attraction near Carmel by The Sea. You can enjoy stunning views from several hiking trails. Bird Island Trail is a great way to enjoy the spectacular views of China Cove. Point Lobos (Punta De Los Lobos Marinos) was named after the many sea lions found on the rocks by Spanish explorers. You’ll be able to spot harbor seals if you translate the name Point of the Sea Wolves. For more stunning views, continue to Gibson Beach.

Whaling Station Museum

Point Lobos has a long and rich history. It was once home to a whaling station, and there was also a coal mine. It was designated a protected area by the Monterey Cypresses. However, an old Whalers Cabin museum provides information about the area’s past.

Mission Ranch

The Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant was one of the most incredible spots in Carmel by the Sea. Clint Eastwood was instrumental in saving this historic property. The dairy farm dates back as far as the 1850s. Although it might not be possible to stay there, you can still eat at Mission Ranch for dinner or Sunday brunch at its restaurant. Another great spot to enjoy the sunset is the Mission Ranch Restaurant’s terrace.