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How To Pack For An International Adventure

When it comes time to plan out an international excursion, most travelers are so excited to reach their final destination…

By Richard , in Travel , at August 20, 2019

When it comes time to plan out an international excursion, most travelers are so excited to reach their final destination that they may overlook an item or two when packing. This is particularly true among less-experienced passengers heading abroad for emotional or romantic excursions like family reunions or honeymoons. Fortunately for those would be jet setters who are concerned they may leave their toothbrush back home, we have cultivated a list of packing tips that will help keep you on track for a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Making The Most Of What You’ve Got

One of the real tricks to packing for an international adventure is making sure all the stuff you need actually fits in your bag. While you could simply bring less items than you initially laid out (which is not a bad idea, at all), you could also pack smarter to conserve space in your luggage. Roll clothes to squeeze more items into the case and avoid bringing unnecessary items – like toiletries. Most hotels will provide you with soap, shampoo and more, so unless you have very specific needs, leave these items at home and save some space for souvenirs.

Fashion Sense

For most people, clothes will likely be the bulk of your luggage, and the right items to pack will be dependent on your final destination. If you’re heading to the beaches of Brazil, for example, you can afford to pack altogether airier ensembles than if you were heading to the museums of Northern Germany. Pack for the local weather and any activities you plan to engage in, but also pack with the local culture in mind – after all, you don’t want to look too much like a tourist during your stint abroad.

If The Shoe Fits

Depending on your length of stay you may decide to bring additional pairs of shoes on your trip, and though some ladies would love to strut the streets of Paris in those new Manolos, smart travelers put more emphasis on function than form. Consider that as a traveler you will likely be walking a lot, so comfort should be your first thought when it comes time to pick out your footwear.

Where Are Your Papers?

As an international traveler, you’ll definitely have some documents that you’ll want to carry at all times. Keep your passport and visa in your carry-on bag or in your coat pocket, and keep an eye on them. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss your flight because you dropped your passport in the cab. Similarly, pay close attention to any international travel insurance documents you may have, as you never know when or if you will need them.