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Signage Design Tips For High Impact Vehicle Livery

Do you make the most out of your mobile billboard by using good signage design? You need a well-designed vehicle…

By Chan , in Automobile , at May 26, 2023

Do you make the most out of your mobile billboard by using good signage design? You need a well-designed vehicle wrap if you have a food truck, or a business. Signage that is high impact will make your vehicle stand out wherever you are in West Sussex.

A great design will make your vehicle stand out, whether you are driving to an event or parking outside of a client’s home. It’s easy to establish brand recognition with a simple but striking design. A wrap that stands out says that you are serious about your company.

How can you make a design stand out? These five expert tips will help create vehicle graphics which are above average and provide a good return on investment.

Branding is everything

The logo and brand colors should be the focal point of your design. Inconsistency in your marketing is the worst thing you can do. Working with a designer that can integrate your branding into the design is a great way to make it look professional.

You can also rebrand if you feel that your logo or colours have become dated and do not reflect your brand’s identity.

Avoid wrapping around

Text on 3D objects must be legible and fully visible. This is unlike text on a webpage, which can wrap around images without losing meaning. This means that you should keep your marketing message and contact information to the side and rear of the car, where motorists will be able to easily read them.

If you wrap the text around your vehicle, it will immediately reduce the legibility of the text and the attention of the audience.

Keep signage design simple

If you find that the text gets pushed around in the design, it could be because you are trying to say too many things. Wrap designs that are most effective are the ones with the bare minimum. They usually feature the name of the company, the website and the phone number. Mention social media only if you have a strong brand online.

Signage that is legible

Both are important, but legibility is equally as important. Both are important to deliver your message to your clients. If your fonts are ornate and difficult to read, choose a font similar to that of your brand.

Research the impact of fonts. Cursive and loopy typefaces are difficult to read. Traditional fonts may be legible, but not match your brand’s image. Comic Sans is not a serious font. Instead, use bold sans serif fonts.

Attention grabbing

Signage design must grab the attention of people and hold it. You only have a few moments to make a good impression if you are familiar with the elevator pitch. Do not waste time with a design that is cluttered, difficult to read or bland.

We can help

You create high-impact car signwriting specialists to keep your business at the forefront of your target audience’s mind. A professional designer can help you create a wrap that will grab attention and keep it. contact us today or learn more about our signage and branding design.