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10 Reasons Why to Choose Hand Car Wash

After years of relying on automated car washes, more people are choosing hand-washing services, specifically ones that offer steam cleaning….

By Chan , in Automobile , at August 29, 2023

After years of relying on automated car washes, more people are choosing hand-washing services, specifically ones that offer steam cleaning.

Companies of Hand car wash service in Gold Coast are taking over automatic car washes. What’s the reason for this sudden change? In addition to the reasons given within the Daily Mail article, we’ve given more details below.

Why Choose Hand Car Wash? 10 Reasons

  • It can protect you and your loved ones from harmful Germs and Bacteria

Research has shown that your car’s interior could be an ideal source of harmful bacteria and germs which could be threatening to your health as well as that of your family members. But not if you opt for hand-washing services for your car that make use of steam. Steam kills microorganisms with out the use of harsh chemicals which means that your family is safe not just from bacteria and germs as well as from the odors of chemical residues that are toxic.

  • It Can Preserve the Beauty of Your Vehicle

There are a few areas on the exterior of your car which automated car washes cannot reach, exposing them to damage to the paint and even the premature rusting process. Don’t do it with a hand car wash which will allow your car to be cleansed of all grime and dirt on every corner, from all the way from top to bottom, from inside to outside.

  • It Makes Your Car Spic n Span

Remember the feeling you experienced when someone you knew took you for an excursion on his car that was clean, shiny, clean-smelling car? You felt so good, right? And you didn’t want it to make a mess of it or worse, a stain on the interior of your car? Offer your friends and family members the same pleasure, and you’ll see how they’ll strive to keep that look of spic n’ span on the prized item.

  • It Allows Early Detection

Professionals who handle car washes have the eyes and they have the “feel” for detecting car problems that are waiting to be solved. They are able to detect the tiny crack in your windshield or a tiny chips of paint on the paint of your car or spot the source of that strange smell within your home originates from. If left untreated, these small issues could result in major damage that can cost you a lot of money.

  • It’s Economical in the Long Run

In the beginning, hand washing services from experts can be costly, based on the specific professional detailing services you’d like to provide your vehicle. However, since this process will give your vehicle that ultimate shine that lasts for a longer time it will not be necessary to go back to your detailing shop frequently. Also, hand car washes don’t employ stiff brushes which could be contaminated by dust, dirt, and grime that was previous clean vehicles. So, costly repairs for scratches and paint swirls are a thing of the past.

  • It Can Turn into a Fun Learning Activity

Indeed, automated car washes provide the advantage of speed. You just need to drive your car in and the entire process can be completed in only a few minutes. Hand-washing your car with a professional offers distinct benefit. It lets you know more about the car you love cleaning it correctly and what you can do to avoid aesthetic issues and much more – thanks to your personal mobile detailer. An authentic detailing expert is passionate about automobiles and would be delighted to give his tips regardless of whether you’re requesting it!

  • It Can Prevent Premature Rusting

Find an auto wash service that makes use of steam to clean cars and reduce the risk of rusting by an enormous amount. It’s because the mist which originates from steam can be quickly dried by using a microfiber cloth. The absence of moisture means that there’s the absence of oxygen that can combine with the alloys and metals inside your vehicle which could cause rust.

  • It Can Give Jobs to the Unemployed

In contrast to automated car washes which just require a few individuals to manage several bays simultaneously Hand car washes business operates on a one-on-1 base (one detailer for a medium-sized car) or two-to-one (two detailers for large trucks). When you opt for this type of method, you’re not only looking for an attractive and polished vehicle. It also helps others enhance their lives.

  • It Can Help Protect the Environment

A company makes use of steam and organic cleaning supplies to help conserve water by using just a pint of water to clean medium-sized cars, and five gallons to clean huge trucks. Because there are no chemicals utilized, there won’t be harmful runoffs that could harm the groundwater, soil or surface water.

  • It Boosts Fuel Efficiency

Clean cars don’t just perform better, it will also save you money on fuel according to the no longer in operation. They carried out an experiment which revealed that clean cars improve the efficiency of fuel.