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Why are the Galapagos Islands so unique to visit? Of course, the animals! Galapagos Islands are home to a unique…

By Chan , in Travel , at January 18, 2023

Why are the Galapagos Islands so unique to visit? Of course, the animals! Galapagos Islands are home to a unique ecosystem, which contains species that are endemic to these islands.

Charles Darwin was the one who first brought the Galapagos wildlife to the attention of the world when he joined Captain James Fitzroy aboard the HMS Beagle for a five-year voyage around the globe. The unique ecosystem of the Galapagos aided his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Unique Galapagos Animals

We saw many birds, land mammals, and marine life species while visiting Galapagos. These animals have successfully adapted to their environment because of their remoteness.

Galapagos is home to more than 200 species, with the majority being different birds. Reptiles, marine life, and mammals are next.

Because of the long journey that the animals had to make over open water to reach the islands, there are no actual mammals. Only 32 of the more than 200 species of Galapagos animals are mammals.

About Galapagos Wildlife

How did the animals get to the Galapagos Islands Islands? It is believed that the animals arrived in the Galapagos Islands by wind and water currents. The Galapagos Islands are home to penguins, seals, and turtles. They came after being swept off their migration paths. They made it to the Galapagos Islands through sheer willpower to survive and thrive.

It is believed that some animals (land mammals) have traveled on vegetation rafts. This feat is incredible when you consider it. They were forced to live on the seas for several weeks without food, water, or shelter. They have learned to adapt to the harsh climate and harsh environment of the Galapagos because of the conditions they experienced on their historic voyages from the mainland.

Unique Galapagos Animals

We visited 13 major Galapagos islands and encountered many species along the way. These are some of the most spectacular animals in the Galapagos.

As we toured it, we became more fascinated with the Galapagos’ history and evolution. It was easy to see why Charles Darwin was so fascinated by this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let us take you on a fantastic photo tour of the most stunning Galapagos Island animals.

Galapagos Tortoise

Dave stands behind a tortoise to demonstrate scale. Don’t worry, and it looks closer than he is.

Galapagos Giant Tortoises are the Galapagos’ star attraction. These gentle giants are enormous. Galapagos giant tortoises, which can live up to 100 years, can grow up to 500 lbs.

Nearly extinct due to human invasion in the 16 century, the population fell to 3000. Four Giant species have been extinct, and the remaining are endangered. However, breeding programs are being used to conserve the species.

Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre

Santa Cruz is a must-see destination because it is the home of the Charles Darwin Research Station and Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre.

Blue Footed Booby

The Blue-Footed Booby is one of the most adorable birds in the Galapagos. We have seen blue-footed boobies in other parts, but they are abundant in the Galapagos. There is half of the breeding population nesting here.