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5 Ideal Places To Visit Next Time You Go To London

For many people, moving to the big city is a dream come true. The hustle and bustle of people from…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at August 6, 2019

For many people, moving to the big city is a dream come true. The hustle and bustle of people from all over the world thrown together with the constant flow of different cultures and businesses make for an eclectic and unforgettable experience unlike any other. Large cities are the perfect blend of work and pleasure, and perhaps this would explain why London’s property market is growing at an incredible rate as more and more people look towards the UK’s capital as the place to be.You’re ideal living location largely depends on a number of different factors, including your lifestyle, career, budget and family. Whether you’re north or south of the river, a city like London is vast enough to offer something for everyone, each area having its own unique personality.


Sat on the south side of the river Thames, Vauxhall is the perfect location for those looking for a place that has something going on night or day. Famed for its tolerant atmosphere and enticing nightlife, this is an area that’s got it all going on. Vauxhall is filled with exciting businesses and residential buildings, such as the British secret services’ Vauxhall Cross. With the spectacular Kia Oval cricket ground just a short walk away and Brixton a short tube ride along the Victoria line, you’ll never be stuck for ideas on what to do.When it comes to properties, Vauxhall has a whole host of modern riverside developments, which allow you to enjoy the views without missing out on any of the action.


An area that was famous long before it had its own reality television show, Chelsea has always been a happening place. The aforementioned ‘Made in Chelsea’ has done a great job of showcasing the neighbourhood’s beautiful architecture, intriguing inhabitants and prominent nightlife, but that’s not all there is to the area. Although it used to be London’s bohemian quarter, Chelsea has come a long way since the swinging Sixties, and the area has evolved into a mix of football legends and wealthy young adults. It’s also home to some of London’s biggest and best museums, including the Natural History Museum and the V&A. Combine that with streets bursting with designer clothing stores and boutiques and you’ve got the perfect location for a culture addict or a young and up-and-coming start-up.

London Bridge

There’s a whole lot going on in the SE1 area surrounding London Bridge. Located right in the heart of our Capital City, moving to London Bridge means you’ll be at the epicentre of everything that’s happening. Featuring sites that people flock from all over the world to see, the area is the perfect place to experience the true London culture.This historical yet trendsetting district is perfect for those with families looking for a prestigious location with plenty of choices for activities, or for the modern businessman who wants to be at the very centre of all the action.


Battersea’s seen a massive rise in popularity recently since many of its old industrial building have been knocked down or refurbished and turned into modern, affordable flats. Its great transport links and stunning scenery. The perfect blend of old and new, the area houses some breathtakingly beautiful buildings, such as the Battersea Arts Centre, the area’s original town hall and a Grade 2 listed building, which plays host to the very finest in arts and theatre. But if theatres not your thing, why not take a stroll out by Battersea park? It’s an area so filled with natural beauty that you’ll forget you’re in the middle of London, the park is the best place for a moment of respite from the busy city. Whether you’re letting off some steam and just jogging through or you’re taking the kids to one of the many well-kept playgrounds, there’s plenty for people of all ages to see and do in this picturesque location.

Canary Wharf

Filled with luxurious developments, Canary Wharf is London’s financial hub, an ideal living space for those who are focussed on their career. The area is filled with those who live and breathe business, but that’s not to say it doesn’t play as hard as it works. There are plenty of great bars and restaurants in which to network, and magnificent skyscrapers in which to actually work. Whereas London’s history is rife in other areas, here it’s all about the now, with buildings no older than 20 years offering the very best in contemporary living solutions.