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Beaumont Health Intends to Build a New Hospital in Oakland County

Beaumont Health submitted an application requesting to build a 117-bed hospital in Oxford on Feb 1. This area was declared…

By Wiechmann , in Health , at June 5, 2019

Beaumont Health submitted an application requesting to build a 117-bed hospital in Oxford on Feb 1. This area was declared as “limited access area” due to its lack of beds less than 30 minutes. This hospital would cost up to $140 million. A while back, Henry Ford Health System had filed yet another letter of intent wanting to build a hospital worth $161.8 million with 116 beds in it. However, since they did not file this application before Feb 1, which is the deadline for comparative review of the state, they would have to file the application again in June. According to a state official, their chances of winning are really slim.

Beaumont wanted to build a medical-surgical hospital over the past decade in western or northern Oakland County. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services would share its decision in June regarding the request. The hospital would be named Beaumont Hospital-Oxford and would be built on a 225,000 square-foot facility. It would include a mechanical penthouse along with five floors. If the application is approved, Beaumont will start the construction work in a couple of years.

Beaumont also has a contract of buying 25 acres as reported from a Beaumont spokesperson. The Beaumont Health CEO said that being the largest health system of Michigan, it is their responsibility to serve the community and provide access regarding high-quality medical care.

Several health care systems have been focusing on business growth potential in Oakland County. However, it can get difficult to build a hospital as it is very costly. Moreover, the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009 also affected it and all the plans related to construction came to a halt. A few years ago, McLaren Health Care Corp. also applied to build a $300 million hospital at Clarkson. However, this request for an 80-acre hospital was turned down by the officials of state certificate-of-need.

However, last September, the CON commission updated the usage data and bed consensus and Oxford was designated as a limited access area community. Moreover, the Oxford area was declared to have needed 117 beds in total. Fox said that as soon as the need of beds was identified, they stepped up to fill the gap. He also added how he is looking for ways for expanding his commitment for serving the people are providing care to them.

Henry Ford can apply to build a hospital in Oxford in June. But the fact is that oxford area only needs 117 beds as of now. So if Ford applies for two applications of 100 beds each, only one of them will be approved. Beaumont currently has a hospital system of 8 hospitals. They have a total of 3429 beds with net revenue of $4.7 billion.

Moreover, Beaumont is also planning to start a new outpatient care campus in the year 2020 in Macomb County. The CEO said that he and his team are more than happy to provide healthcare facilities in Macomb County. The campus would have services like emergency care, cancer-related services, physical therapy and the like.