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You will travel almost 1000 miles in Arizona over ten days. This Arizona road trip itinerary allows you to explore…

By Chan , in Travel , at February 6, 2024

You will travel almost 1000 miles in Arizona over ten days. This Arizona road trip itinerary allows you to explore ten themes, showing that Arizona offers something for everyone. This guide will take you from the Grand Canyon to Route 66 and show you some of America’s most famous scenery.

The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

Driving is my favorite way to see a new area. You can travel at your own pace and find hidden gems. It is also easy to change your plans as you go. How do you decide where to travel? Everywhere there is at least one incredible thing to see or do, making it nearly impossible to determine.

Start in Tucson

The trip to Arizona begins in Tucson. There is a one-stop flight from International cities to Tucson. You can fly directly into Tucson from many US destinations.

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Tombstone Arizona

It’s time to take the show on the road after spending a few days in Tucson, Arizona. Head south from Tucson to Tombstone, the Wild West. What happens when you combine Universal Studios with a town with a famous past? Arizona’s legendary Tombstone.

While some parts of the area have been altered for tourism, there are few places where you can walk in the footsteps and see the history made. You can also enjoy a whisky at a saloon frequented often by Wyatt Earp or his associates.

Spend a few hours exploring this area before returning to Tucson to enjoy the spectacular sunset at Saguaro National Park East.

From Saguaro National Park to Phoenix

You will be heading to Phoenix today, but you can also take the scenic route through Saguaro National Park West. Here you can do some hiking among the incredible giants of nature.

Arizona has unique plant life. Google Saguaro cactus to see the bizarre shapes and striking silhouettes they create in sunset photos.

However, this differs from standing in a forest full of these gigantic. Some can grow to the heights of four- or five-story buildings. Saguaro National Park is the only place this forest stretches to your horizon.

Phoenix is worth returning to again and again. Spend a few days here if you have the time to explore the incredible places in Phoenix.

Day Trips From Phoenix

These top attractions are worth visiting if you have time to spare in Pheonix, but they differ from what’s already included in the Arizona trip guide.

Flagstaff – Route 66. Sinagua Cliff Dwellings. Walnut Canyon. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

Prescott Visit the original capital of Arizona and its Victorian-era buildings to learn more about their history.

Petrified Forest National Park, The Petrified Forest National Park is a must-see with highlights such as Rainbow Forest and Painted Desert. It’s also where fossilized animals and trees can be seen from prehistoric times.

Slide Rock State Park – Take a dip in the natural smooth stones used as waterslides at this swimming spot.

From Phoenix to Sedona

We leave Pheonix and head to Sedona, a beautiful and spiritual place rich in Native history.

You shouldn’t just take the Interstate straight to Sedona. Otherwise, you might miss another excellent highlight: Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Here you can learn about Native American History. This National Monument, dedicated to preserving Native American culture, is an excellent stop along your Arizona trip.

Two incredible reminders of Native Americans’ vision and engineering abilities can be found just a few hundred yards further up the road. Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle is an excellent example of ancient cliff dwellings. There are 20 rooms high up on the ledge.

Montezuma Well, a smaller cliff dwelling built under the lip of a giant sinkhole and fed by underground springs, is located below the cliff.

Continue toward Sedona, and you’ll find Camp Verde, a small community home to an Indian Wars fort. You will find many things to do in Sedona. Check out our article 20 Most Popular Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona.

Camp Verde offers a glimpse into life for soldiers on the frontier in the 1870s. You can do many outdoor activities, such as kayaking, cycling, and hiking. The Cliff Castle Casino is also available for you to try your luck.

Spiritual Arizona

Sightseeing Around Sedona

Day 4 is your Arizona road trip. This day is for taking in the sights and relaxing in the Sedona vortex. For excellent driving advice and maps, visit the Information Center. Then watch the sunset from Airport Mesa.

Sedona, a Central Arizona town, makes two claims of fame.

The Red Rocks provide a stunning backdrop for the town and have been used in movies since the beginning of the film industry ventured outside.

Sedona has great spirituality. It is widely believed to be among the World’s most popular hotspots for natural energies due to its many vortexes. Expect to see plenty of hippies in town.

Route 66 and Meteor Crater from Holbrook

Three of our highlights from this Arizona road trip will be covered as we finally travel the Mother Road in Arizona. Route 66 is the most iconic American road trip, and we use some of its best stops.

Ask any lover of driving where the ultimate drive is. The most popular answer is Route 66. That’s why it’s known as the Mother Road. The most iconic Road Trip Road in the World

Modern society’s desire for speed has destroyed many roads and associated businesses. However, there are still many places where you can relive the glory days.

Enjoy nostalgia from America’s glory days by taking your time on this route. Flagstaff and Williams’s towns are two stops where you can see memorabilia dating back to 1926 when America began its journey West.

Meteor Crater

The drive to Arizona is worth it to see the crater.

Meteor Crater, a must-see stop on Route 66, is a place to witness the fantastic result of the earth being struck from space. Arizona’s connection with outer space is more evident than New Mexico’s famous alien crash sites.

Meteor Crater will show you what happens to a large chunk of space rock when it touches the earth. You will be amazed at how many huge rocks fly around space.