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Top 10 Tips For Business Travel

Don’t forget about vacation travel. For many professionals, it means that the end of summer is upon us and it’s time…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

Don’t forget about vacation travel. For many professionals, it means that the end of summer is upon us and it’s time for business trips.

These often stressful events are becoming more stressful due to geopolitical tensions causing airports and airlines around world to increase security. It’s only natural that your business trips should go smoothly. It’s not a good idea to feel exhausted or stressed when you reach your destination. The good news is that you don’t need to be.

These tips will assist you in navigating business travel effectively.

  1. If possible, fly with the same airline. You’ll be able to navigate your way by flying with the same airline. This makes it easier to park, check in, and get to the departure lounge. You’ll also earn a lot of frequent flyer points as a perk!
  2. Have a separate set for business travel. Did you ever feel the sinking feeling of not having enough toothpaste when you arrived at your destination? It’s best to have a separate set for travel toiletries. You should replace any items that run out when you return home.
  3. Do not bring prohibited items on board a plane. This is because they are considered a threat to the safety of passengers. Some examples include razors, scissors, and aerosols. A complete list can be found here. You also have a tool that allows you to make your own travel itinerary!
  4. Charge your phone and laptop whenever you can.
  5. You should always bring a change of clothes in your carry-on bag. Stains and spillages are often caused by fellow travelers or turbulence. Even if your trip is only for a day, make sure you have enough clothing to last you through any emergency.
  6. Register online. Check in online to reduce travel time. It’s fast, simple, and it reduces time at the airport before your flight departs.
  7. To save details about your trip, use an app. Passbook for iPhone allows you to store all details about your hotel reservations, flights, and other travel arrangements on your iPhone for easy access.
  8. You must dress to pass security. Security may ask you to take off your belt, shoes and any metal accessories. Slip on shoes are a good option.
  9. Make use of the business lounge. No matter how efficient or prepared you may be, you will almost always need to spend time at the airport. You can turn long delays and waits into productive time by using their business lounge to catch up on work. To reduce the chance of your laptop or phone being hacked, make sure you use the secure WiFi.
  10. Prepare for international travel. Get a passport and, if needed, a visa. Even if your plan is to use your credit card for all purchases, you should still bring cash in the correct currency for tipping and small expenses. You should also arrange transportation to and from the airport and hotel, as well as arranging for a car or shuttle service. In case of emergency, ensure you know the location of the Canadian Embassy and Consulate.