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A complete tourist’s guide to know about Dover cruise terminals!

Cruise vacations are undoubtedly a sure shot part of every bucket list for travel lovers all over the globe. And…

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Cruise vacations are undoubtedly a sure shot part of every bucket list for travel lovers all over the globe. And as exciting and happy you and your family may be for your upcoming cruise vacation, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Yes, you have done all of your research, and booked the best cruise deals you could find on the net. But, how do you get to the cruise terminal? Do you plan to stay in the city before going down to the terminal to board your cruise? Or do you fly in on the same day as your cruise departure, and head straight to the terminal from the airport?

These are some of the most important decisions that you need to make while planning a perfect cruise getaway. Or maybe you are planning to stay in the city, for a few days after you get down the ship, before you finally head back home. So, if you are planning for a cruise vacation from Dover cruise terminal and need a mode of transportation from Dover to London , EC Minibus is one of the leading providers of private cruise transfer services. They will make your 2-hour long journey from Dover to London absolutely comfortable and refreshing in one of their luxurious chauffeur driven vehicles.

All that you need to know about Dover cruise terminals

Are you travelling to the Dover cruise terminals for the first time? Have you no idea about the workings, timings, and ways of transportation to and fro this terminal? Well, even if you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, you have absolutely no reason to worry. We are here to tell you all that you need to know about this terminal, and also that hiring private Dover cruise transfers services are the best option to go for, if you are on the lookout for a comfortable, stress-free ride to London.

  • The Port: The Dover cruise terminal is about 75 km or around 120 miles from Central London. It’s one of the three ports which are used by cruise ships travelling the London area. The other two ports are Southampton and Harwich, both of which are nearly located at the same distance from London as Dover.
  • Primary function: The main function of Dover is being a ferry port connecting the United Kingdom and France. This is what dominates the purpose of the port and its primary trade. Cruise ships mostly visit this area and this port during the summer months.
  • Terminals: This port has three cruise terminals, one at the Western docks, one at the eastern docks, and one at the ferry port. The town of Dover is situated right in the centre. The busiest terminal and which is mostly used by the larger ships is Terminal 2.
  • Cruise season: The cruise calendar for this port generally begins during the month of April and extends till late September/October. This is the time when this port is awakened with the voices of tourists and excited passengers ready to get on board their cruise.
  • Embarkation/Disembarkation timings: Most of the cruise ships reach the Dover port at around 5:30 to 6:00 am in the morning.  The passengers start disembarking at around 7:00 and it goes on latest till 9. All the cruise ships depart on the same day they arrive, generally anywhere between 4pm to 6pm in the evening. Embarkation timings for departing cruises close at around 3-4 pm. Though, this happens on the majority of the cruise ships at Dover, it’s always best to check up on your individual cruises directly.
  • Post disembarkation: After you get down from your ship, you won’t have to worry about getting pestered for hotels or taxis. Make sure your luggage is well marked, while porters shall wheel it to your vehicle or the taxi stand.  The taxi queues are well regulated and you won’t have to wait too long for your turn. And in case, you have pre booked your cruise transfer service, your chauffeur will be waiting outside for you, with your name on a board. So, if money is not an issue, end your vacation in style in a luxurious ride to the city.

So, this was briefly all that you need to know before you travel to Dover port for your cruise vacation. This is a very popular port, and if you have booked a cruise near London, this port is definitely your destination. Hopefully, this guide shall be a real aid and help to make your vacation even better.