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Risks when buying a used car at any price

There are many risks involved in buy used cars in Auckland, no matter its price. It is even riskier if…

By Chan , in Travel , at September 14, 2022

There are many risks involved in buy used cars in Auckland, no matter its price. It is even riskier if the car is a supercar such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

It is the same for this car as for any other. The only difference is that you can report a problem in an emergency.

This is how it happened

Problems The problem The Lamborghini’s new owner noticed a strange sound that was making a loud, clanking noise when it was going over speed bumps. The problem and it became a major issue for the driver while driving around London. The airbag light also lit up and remained that way for the duration. This is not only potentially dangerous for the safety of the driver or their passenger if anything goes wrong, but it is also extremely annoying, as it beeps every 5-10 minutes while the car is being driven. These are unacceptable problems.

The Blame Game

As with many other used car purchases, these problems led to the creation of a blame game. The client called Leeds car dealer and complained about the front suspension. It makes noises at high speeds and is not comfortable.

Instead of acknowledging the faults as a fault of the car, the dealer decided not to acknowledge them as such. Instead, they offered the client a shocking PS30k to replace all the suspension components. This was their solution. After some back and forth with their client, they offered a PS16k price for the suspension parts that were defective. However, even though this was far from the right way to handle the situation, it was time to seek advice from the source.

The Solution

This is the best way to find the root cause of the problem and help the client prove it.

They were correct in their inspection and the fault was not theirs. They turned to HR Owen.

Through them, Lamborghini. Lamborghini will arrange for pickup and return of the vehicle under the Lambo warranty. This would have been ideal since the dealer, who could have done it just as quickly, was not interested. Lamborghini agreed to collect the car the next day. I explained the seat rattle that occurred after the tracking system had been installed by the Leeds dealer.

Front suspension and the light from the airbag. Lamborghini videoed the problem area.

The suspension arm (strut), which was causing the noise, has been acknowledged and inspected. Although no problems can be found, the noise could be easily heard by the brand. Lamborghini was willing to replace the suspension struts and address any other problems with the vehicle. After all the negotiations were over, it was clear that the Leeds seller wasn’t forthcoming with the buyer. To protect their backs, they discredit everyone involved.