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5 Campervan Traveling Tips with Your Best Friends

Going camping with friends is probably one of the best things ever. Campervan trips will make the journey even more…

By Richard , in Road Trip Travel , at August 10, 2019

Going camping with friends is probably one of the best things ever. Campervan trips will make the journey even more interesting as it will be a fantastic way to explore a lot of places. Campervans have acquired a lot of traction in recent years because of the comfort and facilities they provide on the road. They have become a replacement for backpacks as you will be able to carry pretty much anything in these vans. If you are having the plan of going camping with your friends, you need to know specific tips before hitting the road: 

  • Choose Wisely: Everyone will have a lot of people who are lovely in their life. However, most of them are not so close enough to make it to the campervan. If you are planning to have a campervan technique with your friends, make sure that you choose wisely. Make sure that your travel partners are entirely flexible, fun-loving, and of the same mind-set. The trip will be the best one if you have the right people beside you. If they are flexible, you can make sudden changes in the plan, head to a whole new destination, and they will not have a problem. If your friends are adventure lovers, you can do a lot of things which you cannot do with others. Hence, choose very wisely.
  • Know Your Role: You will have to divide yourself into specific positions and make sure that your job is done. You can share the squad into destination planners, route planners, campsite reservation members, campervan booking team, and so on. If you are in the campervan booking team, make sure that your job is done. Search the web for Campervans New Zealand and read the reviews of the agencies. Book the campervan and finish the job as soon as possible. Make sure that everyone is sticking to the rules assigned and the trip will go smoothly. 
  • Smart Packing is a Must: Camping is not for people who get giant suitcases. Pack as light as possible and use duffel bags which can easily be tossed around without causing much damage to the van. Storage has to be a premium. So, plan accordingly. Be prepared to wear clothes again and again. Pack smartly. There are a lot of companies providing larger motorhomes for us, but all of them won’t be fitting in the narrowest roads. If you want to see the wide variety of motorhomes available, you can search for Motorhomes New Zealand to get the list of all the companies who have these motorhomes.
  • Shop Smart: Create a nice grocery list after getting it approved by everyone. Get everything you need and split it accordingly. Make sure that everyone is satisfied with the items. Make the shopping easy by choosing veggie items so that no one will have a problem. There are some things which you will need other than food items. 
  1. Hydro flask cups which can be served as coffee cups in the mornings and beer cups at night.
  2. Pots and pans which can be used to make instant pasta meals.
  3. A cooler to store drinks and food. You can carry a high-quality cooler bag to use and keep things much more refreshing for a more extended period.
  • Be Organized: Going camping with a bunch of friends can end up with lots of stuff. Everyone has loads of stuff to carry. So, it would be only ideal to know the nook and corner of the campervan so that you do not lose things. You can choose a place and put all your stuff there, thus not having the risk of losing something in the van. Make sure that everyone has an idea about the place where food is stored so that they will not get confused and end up mixing everything. 

There you go! A brief guide on how to enjoy the van life with your buddies. Because experiencing the outdoors, getting over scary hikes, seeing the most beautiful places you have never seen, laughing until you lose your breath, and a brightly colored van is always incredible with your best friends by your side.