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5 Easy Tricks To Downsize Your Travel Toiletry Kit

Toiletry kits can often be the largest and most heavy items in your luggage. But it doesn’t have that to…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

Toiletry kits can often be the largest and most heavy items in your luggage. But it doesn’t have that to be. These easy tips will help you make your toiletry bag more compact and lighter without compromising your beauty routine.

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Minimize everything you can

You can probably make it smaller if it is in your toiletry bag. You can find miniature versions of almost all beauty products. You can reduce the size of your perfume by ordering miniature bottles of designer fragrances from micro Perfumes. Also, you can shrink your razor with Gilette’s Mini Venus and compact your contact lens kit with this Case.

Select the right container

Perhaps you bought a set at the store in panic and used them every day since. You might have been given a gift set that didn’t work well and you are still using them. You can simplify your toiletry bag by upgrading the containers. If you have been using large, heavy containers, there are many lightweight options that can be found on the market. You should only buy containers that can hold the product you require. Cadence makes small, portable jars that can hold enough product to last for two days. These flat-pack toiletry containers by Matador take up very little space and don’t waste space if not full. You don’t want the containers to be too heavy before you add product. This Sea To Summit Traveling Light TPU Clear Zip Pouch with Bottles Kit is leakproof and lightweight. It contains three large bottles and three small bottles, so you always have the right size container. You can easily identify what is in each bottle with the help of write-on labels.

How to Pack Just One Personal Item Sized Bag

To save space, you can decant the exact amount that you will need into a smaller container. U.S. regulations state that this should not be done for prescription medications. Prescription drugs must be kept in their original containers and the doctor’s prescription printed on them. You don’t want too many things in this area. Always bring extra medication just in case you are stranded at your destination.

Pick Solids Over Liquids

Converting your toiletries to solids will save space and help you avoid the TSA liquids rules. There are liquidless options available for everything, from soap up to shampoo. Bonus: These solid toiletries can double or triple their functionality on the road like this face/hair bar. This will not only make your toiletry bag lighter, but it will also reduce the risk of spills and leaks associated with liquid packing.

Find out what your accommodation will look like

It’s not good to go to your vacation rental’s bathroom and realize that you forgot your shampoo. It’s possible to find out what amenities your accommodation has so you don’t have to bring extra toiletries. Most hotels will provide a list of the toiletries that they offer, including the brand name. This allows you to make sure that it meets your expectations. You don’t need to bring your own body wash if they have it. You will find a listing for vacation rentals that lists what is included and what is not. However, hotels tend to have a higher quality toiletries than vacation rentals, so it is worth packing your own. You can also call the hotel’s front desk to ask about their amenities. Many chains provide complimentary toothbrushes or other amenities to guests who forget theirs.