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Nothing can compare to the first view of the Manhattan skyline. It is something that can’t be beaten. It’s not something…

By Chan , in Travel , at December 13, 2022

Nothing can compare to the first view of the Manhattan skyline. It is something that can’t be beaten. It’s not something you have seen in movies dozens upon dozens. We can’t stop seeing New York with our eyes every time we visit. Manhattan is a delight for the eyes, whether from Brooklyn Bridge Park or the Top of the Rock.

As well as us, you know that this tiny city (twice the size of London) has more historic and groundbreaking events than many entire countries. Many tourists like us may think there’s nothing to see in New York City. This is not true.

New York City is a constantly-evolving city that has many layers. These fun facts about New York will help you see that there’s more to it than you might think.

The Original Name of the City Was New Amsterdam

These New York facts start right at the beginning. Did you know that New York wasn’t originally New York? New Amsterdam was the city’s original name, as Dutch settlers arrived in the region around 1624. In 1664, however, the English took control and renamed New Amsterdam in honor of the Duke of York.

The Unusual Story Behind “The Big Apple”

Its original name and one of its nicknames have a fascinating story. The 1920s saw the first horse racing events, and prizes were called ‘Big Apple. Many musicians and journalists began to refer to New York as “The Ultimate” or “The Best.”

New York’s tourism board adopted The Big Apple in 1971 to help boost tourism following some negative press.

Do you want to know more about New York’s nicknames? The most popular are Empire City, City of Dreams, and The City That Never Sleeps.

New York is the Birthplace of LGBTQ+ Rights in The USA

In 1969, the police raided Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village. They were able to provide a safe refuge for LGBT people, and they refused to submit.

This event sparked riots that led to a worldwide movement that has made New York one of the friendliest queer cities in the world. We are giving you more NYC facts free of charge! New York is home to more LGBTQ+ people than any other American city. Is it any surprise that New York welcomes people from all backgrounds?

New York City’s First Pizzeria in the USA Opens

We love New York City’s food facts. According to the Pizza Hall of Fame, New York City was the first American pizzeria to open in 1905.

Lombardi’s Pizza 32 Spring Street continues to thrive and is one of the 1,600 pizzerias within the city. New Yorkers noticed that pizza prices rise when subway tickets are more expensive. It’s known as “the pizza principle.”

If Lombardi’s could be persuaded to return to 1905 pricing at 5 cents per slice, many happy subway riders would be satisfied.

New Yorkers speak more than 800 languages.

It would only be possible to list all the interesting facts about New York by mentioning its diverse population. The city’s inhabitants speak approximately 800 languages as a whole. Nearly half of New York’s households speak more than one language, and one-third were born abroad. New York is home to 1 in 38 Americans, making it the largest US city.

These are just a few of the many facts we have about New York City. We know you’ll agree that New York City wouldn’t be New York without its many cultural influences.

Grand Central Terminal Features A Whispering Gallery

It’s true; we’ve been there! There is a unique architectural wonder at work in the Grand Central Terminal’s domed walkways. One person can whisper to the other if they stand in one corner of the tiled walls and the other on the opposite side. The other person will hear you!

It’s a result of the perfect arches. There are many other whispering galleries all over the world. Another example is St Paul’s Cathedral, London. This is undoubtedly one of the best facts about New York. You can try it next time you’re in New York.

Honking Your Horn Is Illegal

These facts about New York City are actual. However, we can understand why it sounds fabricated. If you’ve ever been in traffic and sat in a yellow taxicab, you’ll know New Yorkers honk their horns.

Drivers are prohibited from making excessive noise unless they are in an emergency. This law includes car alarms. The NYPD can also issue fines of up to $350 for violators.

It’s not possible to go topless.

Although you won’t see many people walking around in their only pants and shoes, plenty of them exist. This applies to all genders. You may be curious about the laws regarding toplessness in other parts of the US. These laws are not clear. Many states have the “private parts” category for women’s breasts. This allows men to be topless in places women can’t.