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10 Travel Tips – Have A Stress-free Holiday!

Are you planning a vacation abroad? Are you excited, but also worried about what could go wrong? These 10 proven…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

Are you planning a vacation abroad? Are you excited, but also worried about what could go wrong?

These 10 proven travel tips will help you have a stress-free holiday abroad.

1. Find out about the overseas medical services in any country you visit. This will help you understand the medicare system and how to get a doctor’s appointment. It isn’t always as easy as just walking into a clinic. It is a good idea to have travel insurance in place before you go. This will help you avoid any unexpected medical issues while you are traveling.

2. Be familiar with the laws and customs of your country. It is better to be educated about the culture and customs of the country before you travel to.

3. Rent a car: Many countries offer the option to rent a car so that you can drive around and explore cities. This is a great option, especially if your goal is to travel between cities. You should be familiar with international road signs.

4. Learn about the language of the area: Before you go, it is important to learn about the culture and customs in the region. Simple words such as “hello” and “thanks” in the native language will bring smiles to local faces.

5. It is essential to have a medical kit. Certain medicines can be carried if you have a prescription from your doctor. Many countries don’t allow you to carry over-the-counter medications unless you have a prescription from your local doctor.

6. Learn more about Indian Embassy: Find out where the Indian embassy in your country is located. You will be able to find the right place to go in case you lose your passport or experience any other unfortunate circumstance.

7. Keep soft copies of important documents. Keep a scanner of all major documents. These documents include your passport, visa and id proof. You have an email that will allow you to refer to any information in case you lose the original. This will save you lots of time and effort if the physical copies are stolen or lost.

8. You shouldn’t leave your bags unattended. Keep them on your lap or in a chair near you. It’s a good habit to check your bag before you go to bed to make sure your keys and wallet are not on the table.

9. Keep your money spread out. Split the money among you and other travelers. As a backup, always keep some money in your bag back at your hotel.

10. Leave copies with friends of your itinerary and passport: Share copies with friends or family members of your itinerary and hotel contact details so they can reach you in an emergency. Last but not least, ensure you have adequate travel insurance coverage before you leave. In some countries, medicare costs can be very high. Choose from our wide range of international travel insurance plans to ensure a hassle-free experience.