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Time Off for Part-Timers: Understanding Holiday Pay Entitlement

Part-time workers in the UK enjoy holiday entitlement that is governed by specific rules and regulations. Understanding these provisions is…

By Richard , in Lifestyle , at September 5, 2023

Part-time workers in the UK enjoy holiday entitlement that is governed by specific rules and regulations. Understanding these provisions is crucial for employers and employees to ensure fair treatment and compliance with the law.

Part-time workers’ holiday entitlement is calculated pro-rata, considering the number of hours they work compared to full-time employees. Employers need to figure out this entitlement to avoid potential disputes accurately.

Furthermore, part-time workers must also know their rights concerning bank holidays. The part-time workers’ holiday entitlement to these additional days off should be proportional to their working hours, reflecting the principle of equal treatment. Employers must ensure that part-time staff are granted the holiday entitlement they are legally owed, fostering a fair and equitable work environment.

Understanding Holiday Compensation

Holiday compensation refers to workers’ remuneration when they take holiday time off. Employers are legally obligated to provide paid holidays to their employees. The details regarding entitlements to holiday pay are typically outlined in employment contracts or company policies. Part-time workers need to be well informed about their rights and ensure they receive compensation.

Proportional Calculation

Part-time workers have the entitlements as full-time employees on a proportional basis. This means their holiday pay is calculated based on the number of hours they work compared to full-time workers.

For instance, if a full-time employee is granted 25 days of leave, a part-time employee who works half the hours would be entitled to 12.5 days.

Accumulation of Holiday Entitlement

Both full-time and part-time employees gradually accumulate their holiday entitlement over time. The rate at which entitlement accrues depends on the company’s policies and the terms of the individual’s contract. This implies that employees earn several holidays for each month or work hours, gradually building up their entitlement.

Part-time employees must keep track of their accrued holiday entitlement to ensure they do not lose any holiday days by the end of the year. Employers should provide information about holiday entitlement and encourage employees to utilise their holidays within the designated timeframe.

Bank Holidays and Part Time Workers

Bank holidays, such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter Monday, occur throughout the year. In countries, including the United Kingdom, these days are paid holidays for workers.

Part-time employees can take bank holidays off, similar to full-time workers. However, their entitlement is again calculated proportionally based on their working hours. If a full-time worker is given eight bank holidays, a part-time worker who works half the hours will be entitled to four bank holidays.

When the year ends, employees might have some holiday days. Many companies allow employees to carry several of these holidays to the following year. However, part-time workers need to be aware of their company policies regarding carrying over holidays.

Moreover, in some countries like the European Union, where the Working Time Directive exists, workers have the right to carry over their holiday entitlement to the year if they cannot take time off due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances. Part-time employees should familiarise themselves with these laws to understand their rights and ensure treatment.

In some cases, employees may only be able to take some of their holidays or carry them over to the year. In some situations, employers are often required to compensate employees for these holidays. Again, part-time employees must know that each company has specific policies for payment for unused holidays. Therefore, they must comprehend the terms stated in their employment contracts thoroughly.


Part-time workers have the right to receive holiday pay like their full-time counterparts. The key lies in understanding how holiday entitlement is calculated on a rata basis and aspects such as accrued leave, bank holidays carrying over unused holidays and payment for new holidays. By becoming familiar with the policies established by their employer and being knowledgeable about their rights in this regard, part-time employees can ensure they are fairly compensated for their time off.