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Three reasons to visit Norway in spring

Norway is one rare place in the world where it’s more beautiful in person than on postcards or holiday brochures. Norway’s…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 8, 2024

Norway is one rare place in the world where it’s more beautiful in person than on postcards or holiday brochures. Norway’s vast expanses of mountains, valleys, and unspoiled wilderness are a must for any serious travel enthusiast. This stunningly beautiful country awakens from its winter’s ice-covered trance in spring. Flowers begin to bloom as the sun shines on the landscape. Colorful meadows, lush countryside, and lush vegetation replace the white wilderness.

Here’s why springtime is the best time to visit Norway if you are planning a trip.

Unparalleled scenery

Mid-March in Norway is the beginning of spring. You can expect temperatures to rise from 4degC up to 12degC at the end of May. The weather is mild, with low rainfall and hours upon hours at the end of sunshine. While not as spectacular as the midnight sun in the north during the summer, the sun can shine for up to 19 consecutive hours per day in certain regions.

The landscape is transformed into a riot of color as the flowers bloom. The snow-capped mountains protect the apple and cherry blossoms that bloom in the fertile soil around the fjords. Visit the fruit villages in Lofthus, Ulvik, and Sognefjord and enjoy the beauty of the season. Don’t forget the apple juice and cider made from the last year’s harvest.

Epic Hikes

The spring is the best time to put on your hiking shoes and explore the beautiful scenery of Norway by exploring its nature trails. You can see a variety of birds, including Atlantic puffins, Arctic sea ducks, and white-tailed ducks, returning to their breeding areas if you explore the coast. Head to the small islands Runde, Rost, and Luvund along the north-western coastline for a puffin-watching world-class adventure.

There are hundreds of hiking trails in the interior, each with a different level of difficulty and spectacular views. The region of Eidfjord in the Scandinavian Peninsula offers some spectacular routes, such as walks through the Mabodalen Valley. Check out Voringsfossen – a mighty waterfall where water cascades 182 meters before trickling down the valley as a river.

You’ll be able to see the Northern Lights if you travel north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Spring is the perfect time to visit, as you get to enjoy the warmth of the southern valleys while also snuggling in a log cabin in the frozen north and watching the aurora borealis.

Food Festivals

Farmers’ markets and food fairs are held in all towns and cities to welcome the new season. It is important to experience the local cuisine and delicious produce as this is a part of Norwegian culture. Oslo is a great place to visit if you are a foodie. The Spis and Drikk Festivalen, and even a vegetarian festival in the spring, are held here.

You’ll see locals enjoying their first beer in the sunshine as you travel through the busy towns and cities. You’ll love exploring the urban side of Norway, with its cozy cafés, art galleries and museums, unique boutiques, and authentic restaurants.

Plan your trip

Spring is the perfect time to visit Norway. Norway has so many options for wholesome activities and miles of breathtaking scenery. You’ll be back again and again to enjoy the country.