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This is How to cut Down your Commute Time to Half

If you are getting increasingly tired of commuting to work and running all those endless lists of chores, then you…

By Richard , in Travel , at September 10, 2019

If you are getting increasingly tired of commuting to work and running all those endless lists of chores, then you would want to read the rest of the article. It is a fact that you would have to commute to work and you would have to drive your car to complete those other chores as well. But there are a few things that you can do which should help cut down your commute time in half. Just check out these handy suggestions,

  • Avoid the Rush Hour:  It is one of the practical things that you can do, essentially it involves you getting started to work much earlier in the day. By opting to start early you would avoid any rush hour traffic and this should help you to get to your destination much faster. It should help cut down on that commute time. Of course, the million-dollar question is what to do with the extra time? Well, you can use it to run a few errands for your home in and around your office so you would be on time and you would have wrapped up all those essential but necessary chores as well. Or you can also start exploring other handy transport options such as bikes – just search online for  Perth, Electric bikes and you should be able to see a list of attractive alternate choices that you can opt for
  • Use the Local Train: You may also want to use the local train, from time to time. Check the train schedule, see what options are available. Chances are that you would find that commuting by train takes less time than having to drive to work each day. Furthermore, you get to save up on expensive gasoline bill which is another point that you would have to consider as well. 
  • Electric bikes: If you are serious about beating the rush hour traffic and commuting your traffic time by half, then you may want to check out the local electric bike centre. More to the point, electric bikes are environment-friendly, do not require any gasoline other than the fact that the batteries need to be charged. You should be able to rent the bikes you need at the local bike centre and use it to cut down on your commute time as well.
  • Carpooling: While this option may not necessarily help you to cut down on that commute time, it should at least help to halve your fuel bills. Moreover, you would be sharing the ride with a colleague or friend and it should help to make that long commute to work, more pleasurable. At the least, you should be able to have someone to talk to, while on the long ride to work.
  • Multitask: If you find that you have to run a series of errands, you may want to plan it in such a way that you can get most of them done in a single trip. This should help you save up on valuable time, and cut down on the total commute time as well. So if you have to make a few essential purchases, drop off the laundry, drop off your kids at school and run more errands – then the first thing that you need to do is to sit down, and prep a list. Prepare a checklist, and see how you can plan your trip accordingly. You need to make sure that you have the routes all laid out, and then calculate the time factor, as to how long it would take you to complete your various chores as well.

These are a few handy tips that should enable you to cut back on that commute time by half if not more. And when it comes to commuting to work, it is always a good idea to explore alternative transport options. It should also help you cut back on your commute time and you should also be able to whittle down expensive fuel bills as well.