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Tactical Flashlights: A Life Saviour in Extreme Rough Conditions

Technology has brought tremendous growth in every aspect of life, and today, we have the tools and equipment that has…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at November 5, 2019

Technology has brought tremendous growth in every aspect of life, and today, we have the tools and equipment that has made our lifestyle more comfortable and convenient. Flashlights is one of the greatest inventions throughout history, providing lighting anywhere, anytime. An easy to handle tool with multiple applications, the modern LED flashlights proves useful in harsh situations. 

As per the police data, the percentage of crimes at night is extensively high compared to days, and it’s because of non-availability of lights. Danger hides in the dark and flashlights can help us at a major extent. Tactical flashlights found its usage in many life-saving situations, and that’s why it occurs to be a ‘life saviour’ for many people.

A flashlight can avoid a major mishappening and its best to carry it every day in our bag as they are compact and can be easily fit in narrow space. Tactical flashlights are an essential tool for police personnel, military men, and professionals who work at night. It is a necessary gear when you are going camping or hiking. There are many reasons one must own a tactical flashlight, we have listed a few

Tactical Flashlights- Best Use

Use As a Signal: We all have faced situations being stranded at midnight when the car goes off. In such circumstances, the first thing we do is look out for flashlight; they not only provide bright light to repair the car but can also be used as a signal because of their long beam. You may argue that our smartphone’s flash can also perform the same task, but it might be dead, and if necessary you can use it to make an urgent call when you are out of time.

Camping and Hiking: Tactical Flashlight is a must-have essential in every hiker’s checklist. Many adventurous enthusiasts enjoy trekking at late nights under glittering stars. Tactical flashlights can be used to drive away wild animals with their bright light and are helpful to stay on the right trail in dark green forests. Many brands, online stores, and distributors sell multi-functional tactical lights at cheap prices.

A Non-lethal Weapon: One of the main functionalities of tactical flashlights is that they are so bright if projected right on eyes can make a person blind for a second or two, giving you a way to escape from the perpetrator. Many manufacturers’s design flashlights with a tough metallic material that can be used to hit a person if it becomes necessary. So, it also acts as a self-defense tool.

Utility Tool: Tactical Flights are robust, sturdy and designed to function in harsh weather conditions. So, if the power goes out due to heavy storms, or it’s raining while you are outside, flashlights come handy. Professionals in military and forest services, law enforcement, found it helpful as light’s edges can be used to break windows, open doors in an emergency. So, in addition to knowing the benefits of tactical clothing, they surely understand the importance of flashlights.

With so many life-saving hacks with a single minor tool, Tactical flashlights prove to be the best equipment for everyone. However, one should be aware of the features before buying a flashlight.

Top Features of a Flashlight

High Lumen Means More Brightness: The intensity of brightness of the light is measured by Lumen- which is the amount of light received in a small area. More the number of LED bulbs means more the Lumen and more brightness. 

Sturdy and Lightweight: While focusing on the strength of metal, the flashlight should be lightweight, making it easy to carry. While strong material makes it stand longer, the lightweight helps the person to carry it with ease.

Waterproof and Impact: As flashlights are used in a rugged environment, they must be waterproof and have high impact resistance. Moreover, a light with long-beam up to 400m- 500m is a perfect choice.

Manufacturers now design flashlights for all age groups from cool flashlights for kids to designer metallic keychain lights for adults. No matter what, having a flashlight by your side keeps you safe and help to survive in severe conditions.