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Outdoor Adventures – 5 Things To Pack For Baby’s First Trip Into Nature

Packing for a baby’s first trip outdoors can be daunting – what if you forget something crucial? What if your…

By Wiechmann , in Travel , at September 3, 2020

Packing for a baby’s first trip outdoors can be daunting – what if you forget something crucial? What if your baby is uncomfortable and keeps you on your toes for the entire trip? In reality, it’s actually far simpler than most parents fear. Babies tend to be happy to adventure out into nature as long as their parents are calm and present. However, you certainly should adapt your packing list to accommodate your baby. Here are five things to pack for baby’s first trip into nature:

  1. Essential Nappy Supply Bag

What’s inside your nappy bag? Apart from a good supply of diapers, we recommend taking a few cloth nappies. They’re a great emergency backup if your trip is extended because they’re easy to wash and reuse. It’s also a more eco-friendly alternative to the disposable variety. Back to the nappy bag: also include the best nappy rash cream to avoid tears and drama over a painful nappy rash while you’re trying to enjoy the peace of nature. Baby powder (talcum powder) might also be handy in keeping baby dry if you decide to go hiking. 

  1. Insect Repellent

It goes without saying that insects and nature go together. That doesn’t mean you should accept that they’re going to be biting and irritating the baby. Opt for a DEET-free insect repellent for your little one. Add to that list anti-itch cream, anti-histamine medication, and a good topical sanitizer just in case. If your little one does suffer an itchy insect bite, you want to be well-prepared and able to counteract the effects. You can also look for mosquito nets to use at night, but these are often ineffective. Repellent remains the most effective way to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. 

  1. Glow Sticks

Kids love glow sticks because they’re bendy and they glow. They’re useful for parents who have toddlers as you can pop them on arms or around the ankle and know that you can find your little one easily when it gets dark. They also make fantastic night lights in the tent as their glow is gentle enough to enable the baby to get a good sleep but still bright enough to illuminate the tent well so that you can find your way around easily. The added bonus is that glow sticks are super affordable. Forget those expensive solar-chargers and complicated gadgets just to cast a soft glow in your tent. 

  1. Pop-up Sun Tent

Spending time at the water’s edge? A pop-up sun tent can help your baby to stay sun-safe. With sunscreens recently causing some controversy. Parents are opting for a shaded corner over topical treatments to shield their babies from the harsh sun during the day. Pop-up sun tents are super convenient, they take up minimal packing space, they’re very lightweight, and they literally just “pop up” as the name implies. These contraptions take the shade with you wherever they go.

  1. Thermos/Flask

If your little one is accustomed to a warm bottle of baby formula in the middle of the night, they won’t settle for a cold one just because it’s inconvenient for mom and dad. For baby’s first adventure outdoors, ensure you have a thermos (or a flask) on your packing list. This enables you to give your little one perfectly warm milk anytime during the night or day. Whatever keeps baby happy will also keep the peace at the campsite. 

The earlier you start camping with your little one, the sooner you’ll have a well-acclimated child who understands that the beauty of camping means leaving certain luxuries behind and enjoying the rawness of nature.