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Best UK Cities For Raising Children

Most child psychologists would agree that the most important factors in child development are happiness, security and the opportunity to…

By Richard , in Travel , at August 7, 2019

Most child psychologists would agree that the most important factors in child development are happiness, security and the opportunity to fulfil a sense of adventure. Some of the best UK cities where these events can occur include the following:


Affectionately named as a ‘fine city’ by the locals, the East Anglian city of Norwich is consistently ranked as being one of the safest cities in the UK. The city is close to the glorious scenery of the Broads (ancient manmade waterways), and is within easy distance of the Norfolk coast. The local Norfolk and Norwich Hospital is a teaching hospital and has an excellent Children’s Department. House prices in this city are relatively stable with the average price for a detached house reaching £252,249. Schools are plentiful, both private and education authority, and the City also holds a number of cultural activities throughout the year including the international Norfolk and Norwich Festival which is the UK’s oldest festival. For those looking to find good land investment opportunities, the price of land in this part of the UK is expensive.


Known as the UKs ‘Second City’ the sprawling multicultural vibrant capital of the West Midlands offers families a diverse array of schools as well as parks and entertainment. The Birmingham Children’s Hospital is world famous, as is the King Edward the Sixth School Foundation, which runs eight schools across the city. From Canon Hill Park to the Birmingham Nature Centre there are many outdoor facilities throughout Birmingham where the whole family can enjoy a day out.


In the south-west of the UK lies the ancient port of Bristol, which today is a cosmopolitan centre of excellence. Children can enjoy days out at the Bristol Science Centre, which in 2011 was voted as one of the UKs top 20 Family Friendly Attractions by readers of The Guardian newspaper. The city has a population of around 433,100 and is close to both the sea and the open countryside. The average price of a detached house in the Bristol area is £356, 286 with prices in the Clifton area of the city being considerably higher.


Scotland’s capital city has long been recognised as a centre of culture and sophistication. Its schools are first class, as are most Scottish educational establishments and it has all the facilities expected of a capital city. Edinburgh is relatively easy to navigate so the attractions for families and children are never too far away from each other. The city possesses a fine zoo and Botanical Gardens as well as 128km of cycle paths suitable for family excursions. House prices, in common with the rest of the UK have fluctuated in recent years, falling by 8% and average house prices are around £202, 605.


The city of ‘Caerdydd’ or Cardiff is the home of Welsh rugby, a splendid university and a new arts complex on the site of the old Cardiff docks. The city has a ‘Parc’, which has both indoor and outdoor activities for children, and the ‘Adamsdown Play Centre’ is ideal for all types of play activities for younger family members.