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8 Reasons to Stay in Brixton This Year

Brixton is the place to go if you want to see a different side of London. It’s not just about…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 8, 2024

Brixton is the place to go if you want to see a different side of London. It’s not just about business suits and glass-and-steel buildings. Brixton is a vibrant area that attracts people from around the globe, including the Caribbean. It has a sense of community, togetherness, and togetherness you won’t find anywhere else in London. You won’t regret booking a serviced apartment in the area ( Discover apartments for short-term rent in London at LSA).

Go down to Electric Avenue

Eddie Grant was inspired to write the title of his song by the Brixton Riots. Electric Avenue, named after the street where electric lights were first installed in 1888, is now a busy high street with a variety of popular restaurants and retail outlets, as well as housing Brixton Market’s outdoor components. Explore the stalls and try delicious and unique street food. Experience Brixton like a local.

Pop Into Brixton Academy

The iconic venue has been known by many names, including Astoria Victoria Cinema, Carling Brixton Academy, and now the O2 Academy Brixton. It has hosted some amazing music events, such as The Smiths’, Madonna’s, Ramones and Iron Maiden. The NME has awarded this venue the Best Venue award twelve times. The building is currently closed, but it’s worth a visit, even to say you saw it!

Brixton Windmill

This 200-year-old windmill is worth visiting if you want to learn more about its history, enjoy the lush gardens, or join a gardening group.

Find out more about Black Britain.

Brixton is home to many pivotal moments in Black British History, from the Brixton Riots to issues of biased institutions (from police to the education system) and the Windrush people – documents and photographs from people who experienced these pivotal events, are all captured and documented in the Black Cultural Archives.

David Bowie’s Birthplace

David Bowie is a famous Briton who conquered the globe. The area is still very close to the heart of the legendary singer-songwriter, even though the family left when Bowie was 6 or 7 years old. There are huge pieces of street artwork on which fans have written their love for his music and him.

Brixton Village Market

Over 100 traders offer clothing, bric a-brac, accessories, and food, which will delight even the most cynical gourmand and excite the taste buds of the fussiest eater! Brixton Village Market is a unique multi-cultural retail area where you can spend hours browsing without getting tired of the smells, sounds, and tastes!

View a Movie at the Ritzy

The Ritzy has been a popular place to go for over 100 years. Not only has the cinema survived Brexit’s devastation, but also two world wars. The latter brought with it the threat of destruction and damage within a few milliseconds.

Brockwell Park – A Stroll through the Park

Brockwell Park is one of the many parks in Brixton. The grounds, which cover 50 hectares, were purchased by the city from private owners and opened to public use in 1892. This was possibly due to the growing realization that city life is not conducive to the health of its residents, both physically and mentally. London was a very unhealthy city at that time, with frequent, deadly fog caused by pollution. Fortunately, these are no longer a problem thanks to Clean Air laws. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the parks, which are great places to relax, meditate, or simply relax on the grass.