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7 Travel Themed Candles To Transport You To Your Favorite Destination

Do you ever get a whiff from a baked good or exotic flower and feel transported to a vacation past?…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

Do you ever get a whiff from a baked good or exotic flower and feel transported to a vacation past? The sense of scent is closely linked to emotion and memory, so smelling certain fragrances may bring back memories. You can use this to your advantage by lighting one of these seven candles to smell like specific destinations.

Fernweh Editions

Fernweh is a combination of the German words weh (pain) and fern (far), which can be translated as “a longing to return to faraway places.” There are many destinations that the candles can be themed around, such as France, New England, or Cascadia. Made in the USA, the soy coconut wax candles can be hand-poured in small batches.

Literie Candles

Some city scents are not something we would like to have in our homes (Eau de New York City’s summer sidewalk), while others we love to smell all year. Literie’s innovative line of candles captures the best city scents in soy wax and coconut wax. Scents such as Brunch at the West Village (citrus notes and champagne) and Smoke and Pine will bring back memories and smiles for anyone who smells them. Literie candles have lines that are inspired by New York, Miami and Los Angeles. They make great gifts or for someone who has moved away from their hometown.

Parks Project

Do you long for the vast open spaces of Yosemite or Glacier National Parks? You’ll feel as if you are there if you light a candle from the Parks Project and inhale the custom scent. These soy-blend candles are hand-poured and burn for 80 hours. They smell just like their namesakes. These candles are the perfect gift for parks-lovers, with a variety of scents and beautifully-designed packaging.

Homesick Candles

Are you missing your home or favorite vacation spot? Homesick Candles will help you to recreate your favorite destination with their line of candles that smell like specific states, cities, and countries. Homesick Candles has a candle for each state in the United States. Massachusetts, for example, smells like coffee, apple cider and donuts (which is not surprising considering how many Dunkin’ Donuts there are per capita). You can also choose a country or city to send to a homeless friend.

Bright Black Diaspora Candle Collection

Family-owned Bright Black business uses scent as a medium, and candles as a platform to share positive stories about Blackness. Their Diaspora Candle collection celebrates famous destinations such as Addis Abba and Durham through custom-blended, fragrant candles that burn for 70-80 hours.

Flores Lane City Candles

Are you missing New York City? Take an aromatic tour of the city with Flores Lane’s City Candles. These soy candles are inspired by New York’s classic neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Astoria and Chelsea.

The Kimpton Candle

Even though you might not have been out of your home in months, you can light the Kimpton Candle to make it seem like you are in a luxurious hotel. Kimpton hotels all have their own scents, so no matter where you are in the world, they smell exactly like a sophisticated blend of black pepper, clove, and musk.