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Travel Foundations Helping To Change The World

It’s easy to be responsible traveler thanks to thoughtful initiatives that combine incredible experiences with a platform for positive impacting…

By Chan , in Travel , at March 21, 2022

It’s easy to be responsible traveler thanks to thoughtful initiatives that combine incredible experiences with a platform for positive impacting the places you visit. Learn about eight charitable funds dedicated to travel that support developing or underserved communities and how you can get involved in destination stewardship.

As a traveler, you have never had the power to make a difference for wildlife, communities and the environment like you do today. How can we stop the world from moving backwards? How can we make each trip a chance to do good? These are eight foundations that do their part with the support of travelers.


World Nomads’ Feet program gives you the power to make a contribution towards funding sustainable projects that directly improve the welfare of communities. It’s just a click away! You can add a donation to your policy by purchasing travel insurance. 100% goes to the charity you choose. These micro-donations can add up to millions of dollar and have funded more than 253 development projects, including cheetah preservation in Botswana and increasing food security in Timor-Leste. supporting sustainable travel in Costa Rica. You can make better travel decisions by reading the Responsible Tourism guide while you are on the website.

APT Travel Group’s One Tomorrow supports vital programs such as Peace Village International, which provides medical care for children in war zones, and the Wunan Foundation, which helps Aboriginal people to break the cycle of poverty. The Sustainable Focus Goals of the United Nations drive the selection and funding of projects. They place a strong emphasis on Good Health and Wellbeing as well as Quality Education and Life on Land. APT contributes a percentage to its charitable arm and raises funds. It also matches dollar-for-dollar donations from customers.

Beyond Africa Foundation

The &Beyond, Africa Foundation and have worked together for nearly 30 years to bring about change within the community. Eight programs are active and support local stakeholders in fostering sustainability, education, and conservation. This social enterprise provides stability and job opportunities as well as employment opportunities. It has six lodges that cover 70,560 acres (28.555 hectares). The community’s needs are balanced and the wildlife thrives in harmony. This creates capacity building goodwill. Every time you travel with &Beyond you are supporting conservation in the community. It’s that simple.

The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation recognizes that destinations can reap economic benefits but also have to deal with the ‘invisible cost’ of over tourism. It works to identify and address any destination’s sustainability issues. This includes controlling the invasive Lionfish species by placing it on the Saint Lucia’s hotel menu. This win-win mobilization helps to conserve reef wildlife, create jobs for fishermen and provide healthy local food. Jamaica encourages guests to travel outside their resort. The Rastafari Native Village has received assistance and business advice from TTF. It is now officially licensed by the Jamaica Tourism Board as a tourist attraction. Financial support is provided by partnerships with funding partners like EasyJet holidays or Be Local.

Sustainable Travel International

Air travel is a major contributor to climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere. But did you know that you can offset this contribution? Sustainable Travel International makes calculating your carbon footprint easy with their online calculator. You can also purchase offset credits to compensate. These funds support projects that benefit communities and ecosystems, as well as clean, efficient energy such the Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative (Peru) and the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm (Texas).