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Road Trip Checklist to Ensure That Your Car is Ready to Hit the Roads

Are you planning to hit the streets and have a wonderful time with your family or friends? But, is your…

By Richard , in Road Trip , at October 19, 2019

Are you planning to hit the streets and have a wonderful time with your family or friends? But, is your car ready for it?

Before any road trip, you must check your vehicle to ensure you can have a safe trip and avoid any unwanted machine-driven challenges. Maintaining your car all-round the year is necessary, but it becomes inevitable before you go out on any trip. Once that is done, you can hop in your car, turn on your music, get a cup of favorite coffee, and enjoy the ride. 

Car Checklist before you Go out on Any Road Trip

1. The fluids

Car’s fluid is its blood! There are six essential fluids, and each plays a crucial role in mileage and functioning. 

  • Engine Oil – anyone who ever rides a car will know the importance of oil in a vehicle. It acts as a lubricant for the car engine, and should be changed after 3k to 5k miles.
  • Radiator Fluid – Radiator helps to keep the engine cool. The radiator oil, also known as coolant, absorbs the heat from the engine and dispel it through the radiator. A low coolant level can cause overheating.
  • Brake Oil – If you ever feel that the brake pedal to be spongy or it is not responding correctly, it might be due to contamination of brake oil. If the car has run for more than 36000 miles, you must flush it.
  • Power Steering Fluid – Modern cars have power steering to make the movement of wheels easier. If this fluid is not in place, then the movement will become clumsy.
  • Transmission Fluid – Transmission fluid mostly lasts for a lifetime, but if you are an ardent rider, and your car has driven for more than 60,000 miles, it’s better to check it before your next road trip.
  • Windshield Fluid – Neat car’s windshield means a better vision of the roads and more safety. So, get the windshield fluid checked.

2. Tires

Tires play a vital role in safety, mileage, and comfort. So, it’s crucial to check the following aspects of a car before any road trip, or after taking it out from the garage after a long time.

  • Air Pressure – Overinflated tires are less compliant, and they make the ride bumpy. At the same time, incorrect pressure increases the chances of tires’ wear and tear. 
  • Rotation – Difference in weight balance, suspension adjustment, and road conditions affects tires’ health. So, it’s essential to rotate the tires occasionally in between altered locations. 
  • Even if the other two conditions are in place, it is important to check if the tires will last the entire trip, so check the thread and the gauge.

3. Other parts

A car consists of various other components. And even they do not seem to play a crucial role; they are vital not only for your comfort but also for safety. Some of those parts which you should recheck are:

  • Seat and Belts – For road safety and comfort, check the seats are in good condition, and the belts fit in perfectly. The trouble signs with these may not be easily noticeable, so you need to be very careful. You can get these checked by experts from car seat repairs Melbourne
  • Lights – Each signal and light should be functional to avoid any accidents. If required, take help of someone. While you sit in the car and turn on all the lights and signals, he can check and confirm if all the lights are functional.
  • Battery – Start your car once to check the sound of your starter – in case it’s sluggish, it may be due to corroded battery. Get it replaced on priority to avoid any start issue on the roads.
  • Auto Emergency Equipment – Emergency kit consisting of spare parts, cell phones, road maps, etc. should be in place. Also, know the road rules of the state you are in to avoid any hassle.

4. Test Ride

Once you are satisfied that you have checked every small thing, go for a test ride. It is helpful before you go out on any long trip and it acts as a double check on your car.