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Are you looking for a Greek Island adventure without crowds? Look no further than Pelion, Greece. It’s Mama Mia’s Greece! Mama Mia…

By Chan , in Travel , at February 6, 2024

Are you looking for a Greek Island adventure without crowds? Look no further than Pelion, Greece. It’s Mama Mia’s Greece! Mama Mia was the first movie I saw. It was the paradise island where Meryl Streep managed her crumbling hotel. “Where is it?” I thought to myself.

Mama Mia appeared to have been filmed on one of the southern Greek Islands, such as Crete and Mykonos. Mama Mia was filmed in the Pelion Peninsula on the Aegean.

Pelion Greece

Pelion Greece was something I’d never heard of before. Many foreign tourists don’t know about it. It’s an area of Greece that Greeks and Eastern Europeans frequently visit. However, the West has yet to discover this little piece of paradise.

The most famous Greek island is Santorini, where North American and European tourists go.

Pelion is a stunning location, and it’s not crowded with tourists who flock to other beaches and islands. It would help if you visited Pelion instead of the usual tourist traps.

Where is Pelion?

Pelion is found on the Pelion peninsula. It’s about a five-hour scenic drive north from Athens on the way to Thessaloniki, a prominent Greek City. Renting a car in Athens is a great way to explore the open roads.

Road trip to Pelion Greece

Enjoy a fantastic ride through Pelion, Greece.

In Greece, car rentals are very affordable, and self-driving is the best way to see a country. You can see more of the landscape and meet locals.

You will be amazed at the scenery while driving along the Pelion Peninsula. The mountain scenery along the coast showcases beautiful beaches.

We had a great time driving the coast in Greece between Athens and the Pelion Peninsula. It is a must-see for any trip to Greece.

About Pelion Greece

Pelion, located on the East Coast of Greece, is a surprising mountainous region that rises from the Aegean sea. It is between Athens, Thessaloniki, and Pelion and has many picturesque villages, including Makrinitsa and Miles.

Pelion is a great place to explore the outdoors, with plenty of things to do. We were nearing the end of the season, so it was quiet when we explored the Pelion Peninsula. It was relaxing and peaceful. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm.

Things to Do in Pelion, Greece

Pelion was designed to be enjoyed outdoors. Beautiful views can be found in the mountains, and hiking trails lead you through olive groves and farmland.

Our accommodation was located in Tsaragada’s stunning yoga retreat overlooking the bay. It was centrally located so that you could participate in many adventures.

Horseback riding

Our highlight was riding through the country on horseback.

There are many routes to choose from, and you can even ride your horse to the ocean.

Discover Pelion can arrange your ride, complete with pick-up at your hotel.

Steam Train

After our horseback riding, we journeyed to Milies, the terminus of the steam train from Pelion. The train runs throughout the summer from Taxiarhe, Pelion, to Miles.

The track is only 60cm wide, making it one of the most narrow lines in the world.

Miles Village

Miles is a charming village with cobblestone streets, old museums, and picturesque streets. It is home to one of the oldest libraries of Greece as well as a museum of folk arts.

You will be satisfied if you order two shots of Tsipouro (Greek licorice liquor) at a restaurant.

It is possible to leave with fruit preserves or dessert. Pelion Peninsula residents are generous and friendly.

Volos Greece – Jumping Off Point To Pelion

Volos, a beautiful city on the coast, is quickly becoming a popular stop along the cruise route.

You will get a real sense of Greek life as it is more open than other Greek ports.

Although there is no direct flight to Pelion from Athens, many direct flights to Volos via different European hubs exist.

Jason and The Argonauts

Did you know that Volos was the home of Jason? This is a must-see if you love Greek Mythology!

The replica of the ship is located in the harbor. The Greek Gods watch from the top as they play chess with mortals.

The Domotel Xenia Volos was our accommodation. It was right on the water.

This made it a fabulous resort and home base for exploring the region. You can walk the waterfront searching for the perfect Greek dish.

Village Of Kisses

The traditional village of Kissos, located halfway up Mount Pelion, was a highlight.

Mount Pelion is one of Greece’s most stunning mountains and the perfect spot for adventure lovers.

The picturesque village of Agia Marina is situated on the top of the mountain. It is worth walking along the cobbled streets until you reach the square, where you can see the 1650-built basilica church of Agia Marin.

Tsagkarada Village

Continue on the mountain road, and you will reach Tsagkarada.

Every village in Pelion has a square that houses ancient platan trees (plane trees), which grow large and provide shade for people to enjoy food or drink.

I love outdoor dining in Greece. We enjoyed a Greek feast at Tsagkarada with appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

The Greeks are generous, and their food is so good that you can’t move.