Saturday, July 6th 2013

Project Pride issues statement about Ganshaw Park flower project Print
Tuesday, May 14 2013

Project Pride would like to thank all those who have worked and/or donated time and money for the beautification of the curbs along Saginaw Street in Holly.    A special thanks to Glen Mitchell, Mitchell Farms, for supplying and delivering the flowers for our Project Pride volunteers.

The 2013 Project Pride goal is to beautify Ganshaw Park, however we will be limited in flowers due to the current deficient of over $200 in our funding.  The committee recommendation is to reseed the areas along Saginaw Street, with the reseeding to be completed by the Holly Department of Public Works at no expense to Project Pride.

If there are other organizations or individuals who would be interested in TAKING OVER THE PROJECT,  the current committee would be happy to offer assistance for  this project  for 2014.


Project Pride

EDITOR'S NOTE: Project Pride will be planting flowers in Ganshaw Park on the morning of Saturday, June 8, 20103. Volunteers are welcome to assist, and are asked to bring work gloves and their own digging tools.

Resident says, ‘Just say no’ to “Gray Lady” renovations Print
Wednesday, April 10 2013

Sherlynn Everly

Last night, I attended the Holly Village Council meeting.  Started out great – ended up an embarrassing circus thanks to John Lauve, and a council decision where process trumped the facts. Doing business with John Lauve usually ends badly. It takes longer and rarely achieves the desired outcome.

At the Jan. 8 meeting when Mr. Lauve asked the council to give/sell/lease him the house at 102 Front Street, I urged them to say “No,” and to not do business with John Lauve.  I based my request on the fact that previous dealings between the village and Mr. Lauve have frequently been accompanied by noncompliance and lawsuits.  I reminded the council that 102 Front Street is now village property, and if they truly wanted to entertain bids for renovation, they should follow a standard bid process and allow others to participate.

Resident says, “Bring Washington Back” Print
Monday, February 18 2013

Joe Mishler

Why don’t we celebrate George Washington, 1732-1799, more than we do?  He certainly has credentials that make other famous Americans pale by comparison.

Actually, George Washington should be celebrated as much for what he accomplished as for what he didn’t do.  Once you get through all the myths created by early historians and writers, you find many great things about Washington.  

Washington’s Credentials include:  Virginia militia commander until 1775, military actions during the French & Indian War (1754-1763), delegate to the first Continental Congress, Commander in Chief of all Colonial forces during the American Revolution, victor of the American Revolution, instrumental in bringing about the Constitutional Convention, President of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and elected unanimously to the American Presidency twice.

More credentials could be listed, but the above is hard to top.  But what Washington didn’t do is just as important.  

Several times during the American Revolution he could have been a dictator or king of the American Colonies and each time he turned down the opportunity – a strong temptation to ignore.  Throughout history, many individuals have been unable to resist the lure of such power:  Hitler, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and a host of modern people.  But Washington was not like those savages.

Holly Township resident speaks to pending litigation Print
Written by Maria Smith
Wednesday, January 23 2013

Dear Holly Citizens:

As my family and I find ourselves at the center of a controversial issue with our local government, I would like the public to know some basic facts about the Smith family. I am a full-time, employed 43-year old mother of two, and have been together with my husband, Timm for the last 25 years.

Due to medical issues and job losses, we struggled to hold onto our house, and in 2008 we fell into foreclosure. We figured we still had the other acreage so we might start over – rebuild. We tried repeatedly to speak to the bank, PHH, but Holly Township officials pressured PHH as we were still trying to affirm our land rights.  In a manner most aggressive, they went into direct competition with us as citizens against a municipality with government immunity and a multiple law firm’s support. Most people would give up, but we love our farm of the past 24 years. We researched our options and found no alternative other than bringing the question of the title of the land to the court.

Former chief responds to OCSD report Print
Saturday, December 01 2012

Elena Danishevskaya

This is my response to the Oakland County Sheriff's investigation of the alleged complaints against me:

Let's recall that this investigation was to look into allegations that were first made at exactly the same time my sexual harassment and discrimination complaint was denied.
First, I DID submit a written response to the complaint which I e-mailed to the council.

Second, when the Oakland County Sheriff's Department was performing its investigation, I offered multiple times to meet with the investigator and said I would refute the allegations. I did decline to come to the Sheriff's Department, as none of the officers and dispatchers were made to come to the Sheriff's Department for their interviews. I requested several times to meet Sgt. Willis at a neutral location; however he inexplicably declined to do so.

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