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Holly Area Community Coalition to hold 'Teen Block Party' Print
Written by Nick Klempp
Tuesday, June 11 2013

From 6-9 p.m. on Friday, June 14, the Holly Area Community Coalition and Holly Downtown Development Authority are partnering to have a Teen Block Party in the downtown district.  The night is an opportunity for the youth of Holly to come and see what the downtown has to offer them, and to connect them to our great community.   There will be several businesses open that night that have a lot to offer the youth, including food, ice cream, snacks, clothing stores, jewelry, tools, and workout and relaxation opportunities.  

Along with the business opportunities, there are going to be fun activities for the teens in the blocked off streets of downtown. We are going to have several organizations from the Holly area run activities in the downtown area to add an extra bonus for the teens to attend.  Right now we have an obstacle course, pie eating contest, rock wall, video game room, giveaways and other fun activities planned with hopes of more organizations getting on board to run an activity.    We hope that teens will come downtown to have fun but also bring some money to spend in the great downtown businesses including many opportunities to eat dinner and dessert.   

If anyone has any questions regarding the Teen Block Party or organizations that would be interested in running an activity they can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call the Holly Community Coalition at 248 328 3135.

Nick Klempp
Holly Area Community Coalition

Memorial Day 2013: Remembering the Civil War Print
Saturday, May 25 2013

Joe Mishler

One hundred and fifty years ago was the turning point of the Civil War.  While the war lasted another year and a half, the events of 1863 proved to be the difference-maker.

Over 120 Holly Area men served in the Civil War.  Nearly 100 are buried in Lakeside Cemetery.  At least 20 of those men lost their lives during battle.  Several died in the notorious southern prison and Andersonville.  Many veterans settled in the Holly Area following the War.  Michigan men and those from Holly participated in those significant events of 1863.

The Civil War cost the lives of more than 620,000 soldiers, and a considerable number of civilians.

The year 1863 started with President Lincoln issuing the Proclamation Act which in effect, freed the slaves in areas not held by the Union.  While the Act was not wildly popular at the time, it was a political and military necessity.  The North had to do something to tear at the South from the insides.  The Act was also greatly misinterpreted, but once the door was opened, there was no going back on the slavery issue.

HACC director says medical marijuana dispensaries send mixed messages to youth Print
Tuesday, January 29 2013

Mary Ann Vergith

Warning kids about smoking pot used to be as straightforward as, “It’s an illegal drug. It can do terrible things to your body and compromise your future. Don’t do it.” But since the 2008 passage of Michigan’s medical marijuana law, talking to our children and teenagers about the substance comes with blurred lines, ambiguity and challenges. There are so many new caveats.  Yes, it’s illegal, most of the time, but legal as a medication. It can adversely affect the developing brain, irritate airways and lungs and negatively impact decision making and academic performance. But, for someone suffering from a disease, it could be helpful, despite the physical effects. An issue this dualistic is bound to send mixed messages to impressionable kids.

Compounding matters is a decision looming in Michigan’s Supreme Court, which, if approved, would legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in our state. In fact, if the measure passes, a dispensary will be opening here, in the village of Holly.

Barnes explains today's school closing Print
Written by Kent Barnes
Tuesday, January 22 2013

Kent Barnes, Superintendent fo...

Today, at approximately 5 a.m., I made the decision to cancel school. Several individuals have asked why I cancelled school for the day.

Most assuredly, this decision requires a response as to how did I come to the conclusion that I should cancel school for the day.

The following bulleted items share the process that went into this morning’s decision:

HAYA thanks all Santa's helpers Print
Written by Gail Innis
Sunday, December 23 2012

Gail Innis

HOLLY, Michigan - Yesterday was Delivery Day, when Santa’s helpers come to local children’s homes with gifts from the Jacobson/Quinn Toy Project.

On behalf of Holly Area Youth Assistance and its Jacobson/Quinn Toy Project Committee, we express our sincerest “thank you” to the Greater Davisburg and Holly Area Community for your fabulous teamwork, collaboration and volunteer efforts to bring gifts and happiness to local children this holiday season. School groups, youth organizations, businesses, civic groups, government offices, HAYA’s local sponsors, families, faith communities and individuals banded together in a BIG way to enlighten the spirit of Christmas within our community and in the hearts of children.

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