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The Boomerang by The Holly Express Columnist Tina Martzke
They call it puppy love Print
Written by Tina Martzke
Monday, June 17 2013

Tina Martzke

Up until five years ago, I never quite understood the pet lovers of the world – and to be honest, I thought everyone who was a self-professed pet lover, was crazy for loving their animals so much.

That was before Kali, our 5 ½- year old black lab came into our lives.  Kali literally entered our bedroom 5-years ago in February.  Our youngest son was home for the weekend from college and decided to go to the movies at the local mall.  It was a particularly rough winter with lots of snow and bitterly cold temperatures.

Michigan’s weather isn’t so bad after all… Print
Written by Tina Martzke
Monday, June 03 2013

Tina Martzke

Sometimes we need reminders that we Michiganders really have nothing to complain about when it comes to our weather.  Oh sure, we have many cloudy days and our springs usually leave a lot to be desired. Admittedly, our winters can get a little long.  But when you look around the country and see all the horrible disasters that strike other areas, you begin to realize that we’re pretty darn lucky here in Michigan.

I remember the year my kids in California were evacuated because of fires - the landslides that often happen after a sudden deluge of rain, or the constant threat of earthquakes.  Oh, and let’s not forget, they never receive enough rainfall to fill the rivers, or to lessen the fear of not having enough water.

Thank a solider Print
Written by Tina Martzke
Monday, May 20 2013

Tina Martzke

I have two sons currently serving in the Armed Forces.  One son is a US Marine helicopter pilot, and the other is a dentist in the US Navy.  I tell you this so you know where I am coming from, and that I am a little biased on this subject.

Both sons were in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in college, and that service provided a way to pay for their educations.  Now they both are proud to serve their country.  The pilot has been to Iraq three times and deployed again last March.  He is making a career with the Marines.  He was in ROTC before 911, and says he would have signed up even if it was after that time.  

The fourth ‘R’ in education Print
Written by Tina Martzke
Monday, May 06 2013

Tina Martzke

I recently came across an article that I saved with the title, “The fourth ‘R’ in education.” It was from June of 1998 – some 15 years ago.

The article states that the four “Rs” are Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and aRt. I saved the article then and I write about it now because I believe it.

We all know the state of our education system today – not enough money, teachers are on overload, there is violence among students, teachers are scared, parents are mad, countless cuts that limit what students can and can’t study – the list goes on and on.

Gone fishin’ Print
Written by Tina Martzke
Monday, April 15 2013

Tina Martzke

My friend who taught second grade for many years likes to tell the story of what happened one fine day in the early spring, while taking attendance in her classroom. She noticed that two of her little guys were missing.  They were the best of friends.  

After taking the attendance slip to the office, of course the secretary called their homes, especially since neither mother had called in to report the absences.  That’s when both moms took action.  Where were their children?

After talking together, the mothers decided to investigate.  They got in their vehicles and started down the road.  Lo and behold, there they were, casually walking, chatting away.  In their hands were their fishing poles and tackle boxes.  They were, “Goin’ fishin!’”

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