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Single mom puts heart on the line for adoptive daughters

Written by Olha Dunbar
Thursday, November 10 2011

November is National Adoption Month and a fitting time to recognize The Holly Express’ newest Community Champion, Dr. Sally Hoffman.

A widow and retired educator, Hoffman, 60 is the stay-at-home mother to two lucky girls – Nicky, 15 and Noely, 8. Both girls are now thriving thanks to the love and support given to them by Hoffman and her extended network of family and friends.

Hoffman first adopted Nicky in 2004 after reading a feature written about her in a Detroit newspaper. Labeled a “difficult child,” Nicky had spent four years in foster care.

"She wasn't difficult – she just wouldn't tolerate the abuse she suffered in eight different foster homes – she wanted out, and she wanted love,” Hoffman said. "It didn't make any difference to us that we were of different races - we decided to ignore those who had a problem with race."

Noely would make her appearance in 2007 after a caseworker contacted Hoffman unexpectedly, looking for a loving home for the then 4-year old girl.

After discussing the matter with Nicky and meeting Noely for the first time, Hoffman eventually made it official and became the mother of two.

“I tell my girls, you are not the child of my body – you are the child of my heart,” Hoffman said. “We never go to bed angry with one another,” she added. “Whatever the issue, we discuss it, and tell one another how much we love each other.”

Hoffman says her dream is to have a “village” of supportive women, all owning their own homes in close proximity to one another, and all nurturing their adoptive daughters while supporting one another.

“My vision is to have several houses in a row and we help each other out of the negative environment, and out of their horrid situations,” Hoffman said. “Even with significant problems, children can be loved and can live happy lives through the love and support given to them.”

While Hoffman continues to look into grants to help her vision become a reality, she’s content to just do what she does best – being a loving mom to two deserving kids.

“I’m hoping to give my kids a normal life to help them become productive citizens, to be members of the community, and to have love in their lives – that’s my goal for my kids,” she said. “But with adoption, it’s got to come from your heart first.”

Readers wishing to nominate an individual to be featured in an upcoming "Community Champions" column are asked to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the person's name and reasons for the nomination.


+3 #1 Steve Thursday, November 10 2011 6:33pm
Thanks for bringing these heartwarming stories to the surface. This is so much nicer than the "adults" playing blame games with local politics!
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