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Nutella-themed Locations All Over the World

Nutella can be described as happiness in a jar. Nutella is our favourite hazelnut chocolate spread. Here’s a list of…

By Chan , in Travel , at May 19, 2022

Nutella can be described as happiness in a jar. Nutella is our favourite hazelnut chocolate spread. Here’s a list of Nutella shops and cafes all over the globe to help you show your love. Enjoy!

Nutella Cafe, Chicago

Nutella Café Chicago is Ferrero’s original restaurant in the U.S. There are many delicious savoury options, including fresh salads, soups and artisanal sandwiches. Still, the real star of the menu is the irresistible Nutella desserts. In this hip space designed to honour the delicious spread, you will be treated to a sweet and nutty feast of gelato, crepes, and fluffy baked goods.

This permanent Nutella restaurant serves classics and bold new creations like Panzanella Fruit Salad and Mocha Shortbread Cookies.

Nutella Chicago

This sweet Nutella bar is located in the heart of Chicago’s foodie paradise. It offers a wide range of pastries stuffed with the famous hazelnut spread. These include Crostatine alla Nutella, Saccottino con Nutella, and Nutella-filled crepes.

Nutella-Mobile, NYC

Eataly NYC Nutella Bar had shelves filled to the brim of Nutella jars until Eataly Vino reclaimed its place in the Italian gourmet market. Today, Nutella Mobile, a mobile version of the beloved Nutella Bar, rides its way through Eataly, NY, selling all kinds of Nutella treats, including delicious cookies and buttery croissants – all covered in the creamy, delicious duo.

Nut’Leiria (Portugal)

You can find Nutella everywhere in Portugal. It is located halfway between Lisbon and Porto. It boasts the Nut’Leria, a tiny shop that sells Nutella-filled local products. You can also find delicious crepes and croissants.

Nutria NY, Brooklyn

NuteriaNY is another destination for Nutella fans in New York City. It’s located in Brooklyn’s Park Slope. The tiny shoppe is an independently-owned business that offers a variety of Nutella-drenched sweet treats, including crepes, brioches, and flaky Danishes.

Nutelleria Creperie, Ios, Greece

The village of Chora (Ios Island) is whitewashed and has many surprises. One of these is the Nutelleria Creperie, which is a bite-sized dessert. The crepes are made using an authentic recipe and served with various fillings, including Nutella.

Nutella Shop, Ramallah

There is a risk of travelling to the West Bank and the Palestinian territories. However, Ramallah, a vibrant city, remains relatively safe for tourists from abroad. It also houses a restaurant that serves Ferrero’s most popular product. The Nutella Shop is located in Ramallah, right next to Al-Manara Square. They sell everything, from delicious crepes, pastries and cakes to their Nutella Kebab.

Piazzetta Nutella, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Italy

Part of Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, Piazzetta Nutella allows Nutella lovers to indulge in various Nutella treats. You will find tempting treats like Nutella-stuffed crepes and waffles and innovative Nutella cocktails. Their tiramisu and cheesecake are made with rich cocoa and hazelnut spread.

Nutella Kiosks, Sao Paulo

The iconic Italian manufacturer could not find a better place to open their kiosks than Sao Paulo. Brazil is a foodie paradise. Already, the brand has opened two Nutella stands in the city’s shopping centres. These include the International Shopping Guarulhos on buzzing Paulista Avenue and Top Center. You can expect fresh crepes and croissants filled with Nutella or topped off with Nutella.

Nuts-About-Tella, Melbourne

Nuts -About-Tella is Melbourne’s best pop-up bar/dessert pizzeria. They offer Nutella-inspired creations that Italian Renaissance Art inspires. The Mona Lisa Pizza is a masterpiece, with Nutella, strawberries and icing sugar. The Last Supper, with Reese’s peanut butter, bananas, raspberries and organic coconut sugar, is also featured on the menu. The Donut Nutella Burger is a huge hit.