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Before visiting Andorra on our European road trip, we were surprised at how popular it was after we stopped to…

By Chan , in Travel , at February 6, 2024

Before visiting Andorra on our European road trip, we were surprised at how popular it was after we stopped to see it on our way back from Spain. We wanted to share some exciting facts about Andorra before you go to one of the minor principalities in the world.

It is located between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains. This beautiful area should be included on any European itinerary.

Fast Andorra Facts

Andorra can be described as a country, but it is officially a Principality. A principality is a country that a Prince/Princess governs. The roles are only honorary. Two princes rule Andorra.

How come two princes rule over Andorra? The President of France and the Bishop of Urgell are co-rulers. Andorra is one of the few countries where a democratically elected leader serves as a royal in another country.

Joan Enric Vives Sicilia, the current Bishop of Urgell, and Emmanuel Macron are Andorra’s co-princes. Andorra is an example of a democratically elected leader serving as a royal in another country.

Emanual Macron Rules Andorra – Okay, maybe not. But since the President of France is always one of the two princes from Andorra, Emmanuel Macron holds the position of head of state.

Here are some facts about Andorra.

Andorra, a small country, has a population of just 76,000 and is one of the most unknown countries in the world. It is fascinating to learn about Andorra. These facts are invaluable before we cross the border.

Andorra lies between France and Spain in the Pyrenees.

Andorra La Vella is the Capital City of Andorra. Andorra Vella is Europe’s highest capital city.

What’s Andorra famous for? Andorra’s tourism is a major draw, especially for its many ski resorts. You can also shop duty-free.

Catalan is the only country where Catalan is the official language. Although Catalan is the official language in Catalunya and Barcelona, Spain, they are not considered countries. However, one of the most exciting facts about Andorra is that Catalan is its official language.

Facts about Andorra

Andorra. The population of Andorra is only 76.965 people. It has declined since our visit. It had 81,000 inhabitants when we visited Andorra.

Language of Andorra: Catalan is the primary language in Andorra. Because Andorra is located in the Pyrenees, it makes sense that its language is very similar to northern Spain. However, most people speak French even though Catalan is their official language.

Andorra has been around since the beginning of time: Surprisingly, so few people know Andorra, which has existed for hundreds and centuries. Andorra is the 14th-oldest country in the world, dating back to 803 AD. Andorra is 1216 years old.

Andorra has a tiny size: with a total area of only 468 square kilometers (180 sq miles), it’s one of the most compact countries on Earth. It’s hard to believe there are so many smaller countries. It is the sixth-smallest country in Europe and the 16th-largest country on Earth.

Andorra has a Popular. 8-10 million people visit Andorra every year to enjoy winter sports. It is a great spot to ski, with 303km of slopes that reach 2640m (8661ft) up in the Pyrenees Mountains.

Andorra and The Mountains

Another remarkable fact about Andorra is its status as a prosperous country. It has a robust tourism infrastructure and is a duty-free destination.

Andorra is located high up in the mountains. Its tourism is centered around mountain adventures. It is a popular destination for skiers and spa escapes.

It is also a popular shopping destination.

Interesting Andorra Facts

Andorra houses Southern Europe’s largest spa complex. The Caldea Spa is fed with thermal springs that are rich in minerals. This massive spa complex features a futuristic design and offers massage treatments starting at EUR20.

The largest spa destination in Europe is Andorra. Our Ibis Hotel has a Turkish Spa, Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, and Sauna. It’s not bad at all. TripAdvisor has more Andorra Hotels.

La Vella, the City of Andorra, is bustling. Unsurprisingly, this community is so active in getting out into nature to ski, downhill bike, and hike, followed by many zen experiences. This is the largest spa complex in Southern Europe.

Want to learn more about Andorra’s history?

Some Interesting Facts about Andorra

The Andorra flag was standardized when Andorra joined the UN in 1993. Napoleon granted it in 1803. It is composed of three colors: red, gold, and blue. The flag of Andorra combines the flags of Spain and France. The coat of arms also pays tribute to the neighboring countries.

The four symbols of the coat of arms represent the Bishop of Urgell and Count of Foix as well as Catalonia and the Viscounty Of Bearn.

Andorra’s life expectancy is 8th worldwide. The fresh mountain air and the hiking in the hills must make people live to old age. For men, the average life expectancy is 80. The life expectancy of women is 84.

Despite using the Euro, Andorra does not belong to the European Union. The French President is also one of the Princes.

It’s okay to have a Visa. You can easily cross the border to Andorra without any additional paperwork. The scenery is stunning, and the people are friendlier than in France or Spain.

Here are some fun facts about Andorra

Andorra never had its currency. However, unlike many other European countries, it uses the Euro today. It used to use The Spanish peseta and The French Franc.

Andorra has a different army. Instead, it is protected by France and Spain. For ceremonial purposes, it does have a small army.

Andorra didn’t participate in World War II. Andorra, like Switzerland, was neutral during World War II. In truth, Andorra had already been at war with Germany since it was forgotten in the Treaty of Versailles.

Andorra never won an Olympic medal. Sadly, Andorra has participated in the Olympics from 1976 to the present but has never won an award in the winter or summer Olympics.

Facts about Andorra’s Tobacco History

Andorra has a long tradition of tobacco. Andorra was once the dominant country in the tobacco industry. It still produces a lot of smoking. Andorra is the world’s number-one smoker!

It’s funny, considering they have the most extended lives on Earth. The country is free of duty, so the amount of cigarettes sold is likely not just to Andorra residents but also to Europeans who cross the border in search of cheaper goods.